This may be a stretch but I'm looking for some help.

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  1. Now I've read and reread just about every post on the first 4 pages of these boards since I recently decided I would like to start a small grow "operation". There's so much information on these boards that I'm wondering if there would be any kind sole that knows their shit that would be interested in helping me out. Someone like a mentor, explaining things at my own pace as well as answering questions that I have about the whole process.

    I realize there's going to be many of you that will just say "just look at the forums dude, you obviously didn't read enough", well the truth is I feel that there may be TOO much stuff to read here for a beginner and some people may just be overwhelmed, like myself.

    I'm sorry I have nothing to offer in return for one's help except plenty of gratitude. If anyone is interested at all please PM me on the forums, and we can set something up.
  2. ill help you , no problem. just ask away and ill come back to help you out.
  3. Same I would quite enjoy it if I'm honest.
  4. I sent a PM to both of you guys regarding this. Thanks.
  5. Try doing this - read read read... THEN ask questions. I'd be more than happy to assist you, but not if your questions are "how do I use E&F?"....
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    Or a kind plaice ??

    I like to help with specific answers, that is why I have links to common topics in my sig. But this is another of those - I want to grow MJ, please will someone tell me absolutely everything I need to know.

    There is masses of stuff on pots, soil, ferts, strains, seed banks etc. all available at the press of the Search button. Good luck to you.
  7. I agree,read his opening post and you should fell comfortable asking anything you want,but please read also so you have some understanding and the answers will make better sence to you.
  8. Look for the answers to your questions first and if you still need clarification ask away. I'll help. Better to ask in public so everyone can benefit from the information being exchanged.

    You will need more reference material... Books, videos, other forums, etc.

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