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this mansion i live in....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. mannn..i dont even know...i was gonna make up some mtv cribs shit and work it into a rant..but you can see how far my mind made it.
  2. looks like your mind made it this far -------------------

    or maybe

    i have the fucking munchies

    mm oreos


    o yea, ummm i was gonna reply with somethig, but this came out instead
  3. M&MS are sooo good....asjkdflsafjdlafjds;afkljdalkfjds

  4. they should make fucking OREO M&MS DUDE


  5. i want something to drink
    dr pepper
  6. ehehe beinh high is so fun :)

    good kitty
  7. this weeks campaign 2000 is brought to you by kitties.


  8. LOL that would be SOOO awesome. :D

    mmm... just finished a strawberry milkshake.... gooooood stuff.
  9. amaaaaaaaaaaaazing sex


  10. ::drools uncontrollably::

  11. Dr Pepper is evil. I should know. I was an addict for ... um ages! I'm still going to DPA (Dr Pepperites annonymous) and it helps. i'm down to a mere 2L bottle per week. and considering that @ the hight of my addiction i was on 9Litres in a 24 hour period, and steadilly having over 4 litres per day for over 6 months. When I asked my doctor about this he said i would have done less damage to myself if i had drunk 2 litre of scotch whiskey every day over the same period!

    Nam, take it from someone who knows. JUST SAY NO! well that line never worked on smokers, but hopefully i can save u from the stomache failure and the utter cafiene catatonic dispaire, the cravings, the incapability to digest anything other than DP, the anticipation of thier new adverts, the pain, the suffering.... just stay away! I BEG OF YOU! please save yourself. no joke!
  12. ok...ok...

    i quit dr pepper...

    now i drink strictly chocolate syrup.
  13. I'm on a diet of kraft singles and the sauce (and only the sauce) from cans of beefaroni.
  14. I hope i get as high as u tonight namron \o/\o/ m00t
  15. Digit is crazy.
  16. Namron is mad crazy like his avatar!
  17. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel yeeeeeeeah

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