This Man May Have Just Saved The World.

Discussion in 'General' started by flower_child, May 20, 2006.

  1. No, because you still need electricity.
  2. :eek: Holy shit, thats crazy here comes the next generation of things :hello:
  3. i dont understand why your saying no?

    his technology can make power from water, which makes electricy.

    Hydro-electricy is an outdated way of how that works(if this becomes completly perfected and stable) using water to push metal to create energy.

    This idea could be HUGE just like microsoft, but wayyyy bigger.
  4. First I'm going to debunk the idea that you need electricity.

    People say "Oh, to get electricity for the electrolysis, you have to burn fossil fuels"... If the process is more efficient then burning fossil fuels, this is no problem.

    Fox 26 news? Fake?
  5. if thats true, the world is going to be in a huge changing mode very soon. I am just amazed right now.

  6. No, because his technology doesnt create electricity with water, it uses electricity to change the molecular structure of the water, which produces the flame.
    Hydro electricity is different, as the molecular structure of the water doesnt matter, in hydroelectricity you are converting the physical energy of the water going down a mountain into electric energy, here you are using electricity to somehow induce a physical change in water which produces a lot of heat.
    Im not saying that this isnt a wonderful acheivment, im just saying its not yet going to change our world because it still relies on an extra input of power.
    Of course also they barely provide any info about the effeciency of this, or how costly it is.
  7. yea, but in cars, if u keep the alternator, and the battery, then his technology will work, AND then if u use one small coal burning factory that produces small amounts of energy, by using less coal, then it can feed the water company its power, which in turn could power the world. i think? lol, fucked up
  8. I wonder if major oil companies will try to put a stop to this...
  9. most likely have already offered him a couple million for the idea straight up, so they can destroy it, or enginear it to start getting it ready so they can convert real fast(and keep control).

    but this guy seems smarter than this i believe. prolly made this hating the oil companies, and will research who he is giving it to. or he will get government grants and money and starts doing his own business thing like microsoft did.

  10. Dude....his truck went 100 miles on 4 oz of water.

  11. psh please, my car gets 200 miles for 4 ozs of bong water.
  12. Whoa, thats some crazy shit
  13. Just remember that we have a finitive amount of water. Water is essentially another non-renewable energy source. You break down and contaminate enough of it and we're fucked.

    We have to accept the fact that our specie's requirement for resource is disproportinate to the resources available in our global ecosystem. We simply require too much.

    Our overconsumption is directly tied to this. It's not going to solve out problems by shifting to hydrogen, or electric cars. Anything that requires a finitive source of material is bound to have similar outcomes, because we our requirements for energy and resource is exponetially growing.

    There are sources of energy which provide incredibly power with minimal consequence if apropriatley managed and regulated; i.e. Nuclear, Solar, Wind, Anihilation Generation (still decades away from that one).

    Not to mention, there is no way that our current electrical grid across north america could carry enough energy to support the millions and millions of electric hybrid cars these companies propose. It's old and outdated as is. Billions upons billions of dollars would be required to overhaul this, and many many decades.

    Or we reduce our requirements for energy. Current Administration throughout North America are unfortunatley abjectly opposed to this notion.
  14. Energy from cocaine.
  15. weed is infinite, lets make it our fuel.
  16. hey its a start!

    its only the begining...
  17. exxon and others are going to shut him down. Cynical but likely.

  18. True, but how much electricity was used?
  19. how does that relate? The engine is running off water right? so a burst from the battery starts it, and when it is running it charges the alternator, which is what gives the car its electricity.

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