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  1. yet it makes me frown.
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    Don't mean to start a flame war or anything, but before you comment like that on ANY religion, give a better excuse than nothing burst into energy and created everything.

    ---edit: Would you be more convinced by Christianity or what you just posted?
  3. don't think he ever said he believed the big bang theory..
  4. haha, so true.

    Being one's own father does make one think. :confused:

  5. universe always existed, like your god apparently did, maybe it expands and contracts.

    before you comment on science, give a better excuse than relying on a book which is 2000 years old and not changing your mind once since you are too ignorant of truth.
  6. highgronman hahah i agree being a mans own father does make the person think .
  7. That's a little unnecessary don't ya think? Having a belief is one thing...disagreeing with one is another thing, but calling someone ignorant for having one is just silly. The bible isn't just "some book" to people like myself, yet I don't call you ignorant for refusing it.
  8. Lol. Nothing makes people fight like religious beliefs. I did find that to be intersting and it did make me chuckle a little tho I am a Christian. As for this science vs. creationist argument that is forming here... this could get interesting. Now for my two cents...

    The bible is an interesting book. First, I don't believe it can be taken literally for a number of reasons. First it has been translated from languages thoasands of years old. The old testament is from Hebrew, and the new is from Greek. Now, one thing to keep in mind is that even though these languages are still around, the dialects have changed. Therfor one word might have a very different meaning in the same language because of changes over the last several thousand years. Even the Torah which is identical in every way to its predassesors is interpreted differently as the cognitive language changes. The contextual times have changed as well. When written and compiled were they meant to be 100% literal? I dunno... I'm really asking. Also parts of the testament in particular have many discepancies. In the Gospels the story of Judas' betrayl is very different from one book to the next as is who exactly will be able to achieve salvation and qualifiers for it. On thing I think we have to remember is that there is a need to take the bible as an inspirational work rather than a literal one. The bible is a collection of stories afterall. Who reads a book and bases their opinion on nothing but the events that take place in it without considering the overall theme of it?

    As for science and the big bang. I believe in that and I see no reason why I can't and still retain my religion. I just feel that the story of Genesis is a metaphor for the big bang.

    BTW thol G-MAN: The universe didn't always exist. In the begining, according to the big bang, the universe had virtually no mass and no spacial existance. Since modern quantum theory shows us that time and space are intertwined, relational, and proportionate; time didn't exist either before the big bang. And it is also in a constant state of expansion. The theory of universal implosion from gravitational forces pulling it back in on itself are still very contraversial.
  9. perhaps it was a bit destructive. I guess what i meant was science has more accurate and provable answers than a book which was written before scientists like Newton even lived. We depend on science for our high standard of living and quality of life.

    What im trying to get at is that religion isn't meant to be taken literally in all aspects. For example many christians believe in evolution, even though the bible says in genesis that god made man in his image.

    To pick and choose parts of the bible to believe in, and picking and choosing parts of scientific theories to believe in, you are being ignorant of the overall truth.
  10. oh and on topic i found this a min ago hehe:


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