this makes me SICK!

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  1. doesn't surprise me....
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    ""Blah blah im an Emerikan patriot, government doesn't lie because tv said so. wut r u dupid? I pays my taxes and stuffs becuz its da law and like football is good and all, I dont do drugs I just drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes""
  3. Yup, being an American is pretty embarassing when they releases information like this. We need a revolution to take down those lying batards running this once great country.

  4. Making another stereotype doesn't help ours.
    Stereotypes can be funny....but when people use them it just holds us back as a society, and holds back our cause.:wave:
  5. Country's better than ever, bro.
  6. February 9, 2006
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    Yeah and that devil weed is making these young hoodlums like that negro rap musics to. They need to be smokin dim tobacco cigaretes instead.:cool:
  8. I only do that because I am from America, it's sort of like how people from their own race are allowed to make fun of themselves.
  9. Well...some documents show how an agency allowed GOP to lie in order to further their agenda...

    That seems weird when we're headed by an administration who promised, emphatically, that this country is headed to change, that deficit will go down, that there will be no more raids on MM dispensers, that Bush era is completely over and all his people are out of important positions, such as the DEA, our troops are coming home soon, there are weapons of mass destruction in Irap.


  10. So now that we know this BREAK THROUGH EVIDENCE, what is going to be done that gets this to the people that will do the RIGHT/LEGAL thing? NO ONE WILL... watch...not a damn thing will come of it, why...? b/c no one will take it the distance that it needs to go. I would, but i dont completely believe anything. If it was true, why doesnt our friend of pot *Ron Paul put it where it needs to be to do the damage, or atleast make sure that the population of america knows about it, that way we get more light shed on a lying government, and maybe get more votes (not that it matters, they will legalize when they want).

    ITS ALL A GAME they play with us!
  11. jokes, right?
    ... atleast i hope so.
  12. Ron PAul Wanted This? He is or at least I think is pro-legalization. Maybe he has been misleading us the whole time , glad he aintprez. now
  13. Well, it's one thing to find that our Government is lying...

    It's another thing entirely when they set up an entire fucking agency to blatantly do it.

    Of course, does even this really surprise anyone, with everything else being done to circumvent the Constitution, such as the appointment of countless Czar positions that hold damn near unlimited power?

    Also just goes to show you that no matter how many States vote for it, no matter how many dispensaries are stood up, you will likely always have opposition from the Government as long as ignorance like this is in charge.

  14. did you read ANY of this? Ron Paul discovered this problem with our gov. and got told that the gov. will do any and all they can to not let the american drug war fail...including lying to US population in order to keep their stance heard and paid attention to, and that there is NOTHING he or anyone else can do about it.
    does that help you out?

    you can +rep me for explaining to you if youd like :hello:
  15. Just one more example of so-called "leaders" wiping their asses with the constitution.
  16. Seems like a lot of people missed this.
  17. well like this dont change anything they been bullshittin already now they just got a bunch of stiff blue hairs to sign off on it

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