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  1. Alright, so as many of you DON'T remember, I'm the guy who smoked right before a counseling session with my mother and (surprise) a counselor and then proceeded to tell my mother that I was "high as hell" at that moment after she commented how happy I had seemed lately. Well, she allowed me to smoke until I went to a psych ward, then said she wouldn't allow it and I would be punished if caught.

    Well, I'm on my last night of vacation and my older sister decides to go to a club tonight with only $12. She ends up calling me so I walk outside to get reception and she tells me that the cover charge was $10 so she needs to borrow some money. I started arguing with her about it (seeing as she already owes me like $50 and lives 2 states away) and I tell her how I wanted to buy an 1/8th (for myself to smoke) tomorrow, then correct myself and say Sunday.

    She says it's ok, but I figure I can live with a dub until I get more money, so I agree to walk to the club to give her $20 after my parents fall asleep (which they just have, haha).

    I go inside to sit down at my laptop, which I left open to this site on my bed, and my mom comes down the stairs and walks into my room and says, "We need to talk."


    "What were you talking on the phone about?"

    "Smack mom, you should know that."

    "Are you dealing cocaine?"

    "No, and smack is heroine mom."

    "Then why are you talking about buying an 1/8th Saturday and selling it Sunday?"

    FUCK, she heard me talking on the phone! She misheard me though... hmmm...

    "Because I was gonna buy an 1/8th of cheap weed and sell it for over double what I paid for."

    "Weed? They don't sell weed in 1/8ths!"

    BWAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAAAHAHAHHAHAA!!!!!!!!!!! I start laughing, then look at my bed and see the site open to a page that said I didn't have weed but had jager, so I flop onto the bed and start "using" my laptop, closing my browser.

    "Mom, are you serious? 'They don't sell weed in 1/8ths'... of course they do, you know, an ounce, an 1/8th ounce, 1/4 ounce, half ounce. You're used to nicks and dimes, but it's harder to make money with smaller amounts."

    "Oh... well, how much are you gonna make?"

    "My friend said he can get $15 an 1/8th of mids and I can sell them for $35."

    "Ok. Well, at least you aren't smoking and you're only selling pot."

    She then left my room and headed upstairs. So I guess my mom would hypothetically be ok with me "only selling pot" lol.

    Now I gotta go for a walk! :wave:

    PLEASE NOTICE: This was a conversation that included a lie about dealing, I am not talking about actually dealing!

  2. I think this is the single most irresponsible thing I have ever heard from a parent.

    That's fucked up.
  3. Haha, you don't know too many parents then, do you?
  4. I guess from her point of view dealing is safe and you make money,
    while smoking is unsafe (for your brain) and costs you money?
  5. This... probably won't work --- sorry.

  6. buddy buys pounds from a guy who refuses to smoke for that very reason...hes just a dirty capitalist.

    the logic is sound though, really.
  7. and here lies the path to prison.....
  8. Yes, because only selling weed, not possessing it, gets you into jail.

    Not to fucking mention, if you read the God-damn post, you'd have noticed I'm NOT selling fucking weed! I AM NOT A DEALER AND NEVER WILL BE!
  9. Damn foo chill out seriously. But yeah that's pretty irresponsible of ya moms (I'm guessing you aren't 18 yet?). I mean, if you deal you can get in a lot more trouble with the law than if you just posess it. Oh well, keep us posted.:smoking:
  10. I am 18, actually. Since I'm still living with my parents I still have to abide by their rules.

    And I'm pretty sure my mom thinks it's a one time thing, not that I'm a dealer. Besides, it was just a quick lie to get my mom off my back, I'm not selling weed to anyone.

    Also, I know dealing gets you in more trouble, but regardless it's trouble and whether you deal or just smoke, if you are careful enough you won't get caught, not to mention cops in my town don't care to try and find people dealing with an ounce or less with all the heroine and oxy going through the town.
  11. If I was you though and my parents said that I'd start dealing...
  12. If you could actually understand (or read) the post his story does make sense and he wasn't talking about actually selling, that was just a lie to his mom.

    It's not like he's doing one of those whole, "I'll post this little disclaimer denying everything in my post even though you, I, and everyone else knows it's true. but the disclaimer proves otherwise" posts.
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  13. +rep, thanks for having my back bro, I was originally gonna say something about that post, but it was mean and I decided not to be a dick, but you managed to say what I wanted to without being mean, sweet deal. :hello:
  14. Hahahaha. I was gonna say my mom's the same way cause one week she wouldn't give a shit and the next week she'd freeeak the fuck out on me if she caught the tiniest little wiff. But there's no way in hell she'd rather me sell pot than smoke it.

  15. Seems as if you're having a hard time understanding my humor.

    Sorry to have upset you.

    This... is what I'm talking about.
  16. If only my excuse when my mom used to find my weed could have been, "Oh. I'm just dealing mom. No worries."

  17. I'm having a VERY difficult time understanding your "humor"... I just re-read the entire thread and still see no humor in your comment.
  18. This is totally how I wanted my mom to react the first time she caught me with marijuana. But instead she took the approach that she was ok with me smoking but not with me selling because it was more illegal.

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