This Light.. Too Good To Be True?

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  1. Its missing everything that goes with the bulb to make it work. this is just the bulb thats for sale you'd still need to get the ballast and fixture to make it work.
  2. What he said. That is just a 400 watt Mh bulb. That is how much the cheap ones cost. I woudl not use it for flower. Hps is the better spectrum for flower.
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     To run it you will need a ballast whether digital or magnetic to power it and a light hood with a E39 mogul socket with power cord to plug into the ballast. Basicly its just a cheap 400 watt HPS bulb nothing more, you cant screw it into a regular light socket. E39 light sockets are quite a bit bigger then your average house light bulb socket. Also 400 watt HPS bulbs are pretty cheap its the 1000 watt ones that get up there in price.
  4. Thanks for all of the fast replies everyone. Also, this says HPS, are MH lights just a kind of HPS lights, because I thought that they were two different things. A little confused there.
  5. Also it says 2000k. Why would that be good for vegetative growth and not for flowering?
  6. There is a type in there somewhere in the product name it says HPS (indeed it looks like one) however in the features it does list it as a metal halide bulb.  There are dual spectrum conversion bulbs but this isn't one and the tend to be even more pricy.  You are correct in thinking 2000 k would be good for flowering.  Its just that a single 400 watt bulb wont flower much...perfect for 1-2 plants tops.  Unless you use multiple bulbs. 
    What I like to do is use multiple 600 watt lights.  I find with the multiple points of light shade to be less of an issue.  I can also have them closer to the canopy.  This is just growers preference.  But yes if you had a 400 watt ballast connected to the right type of socket (E39) within a reflector of your liking .... then this bulb would work.  Just don't expect it to light up more than 2 plants well.
  7. Its just a typo in the features info. MH bulbs are a lot fatter around then HPS and in the pic that's definitely an HPS bulb also the color temp is that of an HPS.
  8. Right now I have three plants, a week and two days old under about 100w of cfls (I know I need more). If used this light with the cfls do you think that would be sufficient lighting? I'll be adding more cfls as I can afford them
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    That one HPS bulb is listed as 400 watts and would be plenty for 3 plants but you would still need a light hood with a E39 socket and cord and then a 400 watt ballast to power the bulb. You cant use the bulb with the ballast, socket with power cord so you would need to buy those items as well. For the money you might be better off going with a package light deal or better online from a grow shop or grow website.
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    The description says it's a Metal Halide bulb, yet the title says it's HPS. Either way, you will still need a ballast at the very minimum to use that. Unless you really know what you're doing, and can control a bare bulb, you'll need to get a reflector as well. You can usually get a combo package that comes with the reflector, ballast and bulb for like 200 dollars, depending on the wattage. (200 should get you 600w I think)
    EDIT: Don't buy cheap no name brand combo's though. I learned my lesson on that, I got a 600w digital ballast, 600w HPS and cooltube reflector for like 150 dollars, I thought it was a great deal. I got 2 harvests out of it before I walked in one day and it didn't turn on. I brought it to my hydro store, and found out it had no safety certification (CSA or UL mark on the back, very important), and the bulbs filimint had started to burn. I was able to get it to light back up again, but I was told that bulb would burst within 30 days, and the ballast was a 'ticking timebomb'. I have since, switched from using this system. Don't go with cheap ass no name brands, buy quality products the first time, so you don't need to replace them.
    EDIT2: the brand I got was iPower, and it sucks.
  11. Thanks for all the replies and information everyone. This is a great community

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