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  1. Everything in this life seems to leave me stressed,
    My boss bitchin bout, The way that im dressed,
    Dosent understand, Jus tryin to do my best,
    Better then the rest, Need an outlet,
    Need to get some shit off my chest,
    Everyday at work, It seem like a test,
    I jus do the damn thang,
    One day, Ill live like a kang,
    But for now, I work for some lame ass pay,
    The skys stay grey, What can i say,
    If you know the rules to the game, Play,
    Cuz its the same shit, Every single day,
    Jus hopin, Thangs, Will go my way,
    But for now, Ima spark up this J.

    Got so much shit on my plate,
    And these fools jus love to hate,
    Jus wait, One day ill be great,
    And one day, You'll meet your fate,
    Then my girl, Bitchin cuz i got no education,
    Leavin me full of frustration,
    Tryin to lay down the foundation,
    Cuz one day things will be better,
    Wont have to write a letter,
    To my cousin in the pen,
    One day, Be able to chill with him again,
    Its jus wonderin when, Cuz he got a 20 year bid,
    Since hes been in there, Aient even seen his kids,
    Hes behind bars, From flippin some lids,
    My cousin, Real as it gets,
    Facin 20 years, Never did snitch,
    Was jus tryin to get rich,
    I miss ya Dave, Sincerly, Ya cousin bitch.

    These days, Im runnin outta money,
    This shit aient funny, Wish my days were still sunny,
    It seems dark days is all i see,
    Wish i had a college degree,
    Or 40 hours was a gurantee,
    Sick of misery, Sicka dependin on tree,
    Im takin any chance for me to advance,
    My life, Im tryin to enhance, But its seems,
    Im stuck in this stance, Like im stuck in a trance,
    But ill do whatever to see the better days,
    When i get outta this maze, Find a job that pays,
    Or atleast get a raise, But for now, I live by the phrase,
    Another day another dolla, Aient poppin no collas,
    But if you know where theres money man, Holla.

  2. That was great. +rep
  3. yo that right there was straight as shit. good shit bro +Rep

  4. Hell yeah it was, if only his whole rap was like that, if he could do that, then he'll blow my mind.
  5. Tis all good, Tooken into consideration.

    I aient like this one as some of my others, Ive been havin real trouble latley writing because osme thangs that bother me i rather not brang up like i dont like to talk bad bout family/relations its jus aient my thang, Cant incrimidate or discrimidate my people. So ive been drawing a blank latley when i go to write which blows. Usually i can throw out some sick shit in like 30 minutes and latley ill be spending 2-3 hours and come up with jack.

    But i got alot of shit up my sleeve and alot more beats layed out and im in the mood to write now.
  6. And on some other shit.

    I always try to make my music personal, Some shit people can relate and feel.

    I write some shit bout bangin and blah blah blah sometimes/alot and i always pass those pages up when it comes to layin down a song.

    I like all my music to be straight from the heart exactly what i feel and exactly what im going through. Alot of times i get violent in my shit and i have to go back and re-do it before i show it to the likes of GC ect.

    Jus some thangs on how i do my thang.

    I like real music that displays real problems but then it tells ya its all good keep on strugglin shit'll get better and thas what i try to rap bout. I try to tell ya a story about my life but then i come back and tell you where im going and my hopes and dreams.

    Jus keepin it real.
  7. lifes a bitch than you die...

    at least i got my drink n my 2 step hah ;)

    keep your head up pimp
  8. bump for pure fuckin awsomeness!
  9. good stuff you have any of it recorded somewhere i could listen?
  10. Good shit. I've heard one of those lines in an Eminem song, though.

    And I'm sick of working dead end jobs with lame pay
    And I'm tired of being hired and fired the same day
    But fuck it, if you know the rules to the game play
    Cause when we die we know were all going the same way

    Either way, good shit once again.
  11. yo man, just checked your you have some good taste in rap music man, i always hear something new and shit from your mixtapes etc. keep up the good work! It's really cool seeing your talent progress man...You're slowly getting better and better.

    Keep refining your skill and then purchase some nicer equip and I think you'll see a big jump in your improvement...
    Take care...

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