This life i lead...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Well...

    My homies life jus got turned upside down.

    Cant get into details but fuck.

    Big time felony shit and they havent figured it all out yet and i hope and pray they wont...

    This isnt jus any cat this is my homie like my brother is my homie. This is my ***** for life.

    Fuck main...

    Time to go find somewhere to be alone, Smoke this blunt and jus think...:mad::(
  2. good luck man. losin a friend to a felony is never good.
    hope things work out for you and your homie man.
  3. I hope your buddy's situation gets better and that they won't figure out this other "stuff" It would really suck to have someone that close to you get in big shit like that.
  4. No sympathy from me, well sympathy for you, but not your friend.
  5. I almost loss a dude that I wanted to get wit' in the future for business purposes, to a coke charge. He had an extensive criminal record when he was found in possession of coke. He was looking at a year at most in county, but they dropped the charge.. THEN the state (seeing his record) came in behind them and took it up.. Now he's looking at a max of 20 yrs in prison. I'm not sure what came of it though, it may have gotten dropped, cuz he's still out here.

    My mom's friend's son recently got sentenced to 20-something yrs in state prison... That blows. Dude got caught w/ a buncha coke and weapons. Young dude, too. It sucks. I got to have a couple pairs of his shoes though, since he was going away :cool:

    Just keep ya head up and hope for the best.
  6. damn man nothings like losing someone.

    if its really getting to you, you could be in line for a good dose of lsd.

    it will either make it entirely worse, or make it much better.

    itll help you see it from another set of eyes.

    i hope the best for you.

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