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This kid really pisses me off for some reason

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kindbudhero, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. lol, he thinks he's important or something
  2. Longest 3 minutes and 40 seconds ever...
  3. is a make-up artists homepage. I think he may be referring to the general "superficial" internet community, maybe. Or maybe he's talking about In fact, that's probably it
  4. hahaha yep, he REALLY grew up in the past few days guys :laughing:
  5. He gets upset about people making fun of him over the internet?

    he must be damn sensitive. Testostorone levels lower then a girls.
  6. emo=emotional
  7. He talks like an airheaded bimbo.

    "So, like, these dudes on the forums really like haaate me maaaaan..."

  8. haha i hate emo kids, they're all over the place, especially since myspace has finally destroyed america's youth.

  9. Or allow americas youth to do what they love most. Which alot of people(including me) agree to be pretty retarded.

  10. I stopped watching after about a minute because of that. I could not stand to listen to this guy if that's how he actually talks.
  11. I hat ehim i couldnt watch it all the way through without forcing myself the best part is when he acts like he is crying wow he takes the cake
  12. I saw about 2 minutes of that video and I have 2 thinks to say. first off pop the titty out yo mouth and grow up and my heart pumps purple piss for ya
  13. what's this have to do with weed?


    but besides that... that dude is a fucking idiot. he sounds like a fucking little girl.

    seriously guys, the internet is serious business.
  14. he talks like he prewrote the whole thing.kept looking at the screen most of the time, so i'm guessing his posing ass wrote it on wordpad and just read off it.what was he whinning about anyway? some 15year olds saying things about him, and even at one point about some girl he or they didnt even know. really still trying to figure out why the hell that made him depressed.but the again i'm sure he gets depressed everytime he breaths, emo kids think its the end of the world or something.weve all been through some shit at one point, but no need to make it everyones business.i really hate ppl like him, not emo kids, but ppl that try to be something they're not.the whole point that he made a video about pointless shit proves hes just out for attention, maybe a hug or something. someone pass him a joint so he can cheer the fuck up.

    EDIT:: omgwtfbbq, i just looked at the forums on the site, general section to be i click on this thread called 'anorexia is great' and theres ppl talking about how they just ate some grapes and gotta go purge...? i for one am speechless, i gotta go roll a joint or take some bong rips after reading that shit.
  15. Yeah I know, but emo/scene is more of a style. His not emo, he has issues..:rolleyes:
  16. hahahahaaa!!!
  17. Hah, real or not I feel sorry for the dude. The Internet is nothing to get angry about. It can be useful for discussion, advice, and help.. but if you let negitive shit on message boards get to you it speaks volumes about your emotional well being.

    Or hey, maybe he was just trying to be funny. In which case his sarcasm for the extreme was lost in his inability to make anyone care.

  18. hes a fucking chick stuck in a mans body.

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