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  1. Im about to set sail off to college.
    Im into counter culture and items with reference to
    More sophisticated and higher knowledge. Im decent and a fan of tie dye but theres only so much you can wear without looking like a wook.
    Basically, any suggestions are appreciated

    Im a fan of

    But none of that really does the trick for me, not really quite it. Im no gangster, hippy, hick or preppy. Think of a mix between them all.

    As a taste some of the bes shirts ive gotten are by this seller
    lightsounddimension on Etsy, a global handmade and vintage marketplace.
  2. So you're a hipster?
  3. not particularly..
    I guess you could say so.

    I also hate being a walking billboard so anything with the Brand emblazoned upon is isnt my favorite
  4. I don't understand the point of this topic really, what are you trying to say?

    Besides the whole hipster business. You need to smoke more weed and realize none of that crap matters.
  5. "Wow he's edgy, wearing shirts that promote use of illegal substances."
  6. hey, just looking for some fresh threads.
    Fuck all that hipster, what everyone else thinks nonsens
  7. You sound like a displaced hippie with the tie-dye thing.

    I won't wear free advertising either. It always impressed me as being brain-washed shit, a pathetic commentary on our society in general; extremely materialistic at best.:smoke:
  8. its not free advertising, you pay for it..
  9. Well, what kind of hipster are you? For example, this one girl I know is the type who hasn't showered in probably 2-3 weeks (sure as hell smells like it and her hair has stuff growing in it). She tries to do everything opposite and even did her own nose ring job by using some needle she found in her house without heating it. Or are you the other type, where you just dress like it not act like it, which is better.

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