This kid i met teaches Chi

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  1. should i take advantage of it? im only going to be here for another month, which is going to be too short to learn anything significant, but i hear the art of chi is disappearing.

    the kid says he escaped the matrix and there is a place a couple hours from the spot that i live where he has levitated at. i have no reason to doubt the kid, its my friends friend, and they all chill meditate and burn all the time

    what do you all think?
  2. took a wall verginity sweet, anyways man..hell ya learn what you can dude, i did karate for about 10 years man, never mastered it tho...
  3. You only live this life once.. Doesn't hurt to try, right?
  4. well from what i 've heard its something that is cherished and has disappeared?
  5. I would definitely consider looking into it.

    Many spiritual masters have done many wild things in their life through 'chi'

    Lighting things on fire with just energy, healing, shifting weight, electroshocks, etc. Just so many things.

    Lately I've been getting into 'healing with the hands' harvesting your Chi into your hands and healing people who are in pain. So far 5 out of 5 people I have attempted this to, all said they definitely felt 'something' happening (even though I wasn't moving my hands at all, and barely touching them). Alot of them could feel the pain jump or move (which is common) and 3 of the 5 felt the pain go away for awhile. And 2 of the 5 said the pain to this day has never come back yet.

    Again, healing through chi, is just a small small small aspect of the whole that Chi offers
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    You realize these are breakthrough claims about our reality right? This news is fucking great. You've practically already won the million dollars:

    Challenge Info

    Unbelievable. The world of modern medicine alone will never be the same.
  7. So many people in this world us chi for 'hands on healing'???? It already exist in so an cultures

    Are you saying next time I preform this procedure to record the results?? I'm sure that website has seen 'hands on healing' many many many times, wouldn't be too surprised with my results :rolleyes:
  8. You didn't read the specifics. Anyway, healing through chi has actually never, once, been demonstrated. Unbelievable, i know! Since its so ubiquitous cross-culturally. All you have to do is demonstrate you can heal through chi, and you will CHANGE THE WORLD FOREVER. I'm really excited about where this is going.
  9. I may as well just quote a post I made in another thread...

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    Hmmmmm :cool: hahah now I'll definitely look into the specifics and the rest of it. I'm pretty positive I can demonstrate a 'healing process' on footage. I just know there's many others in the world who could of already done this, and could heal a much larger area or problem.

    Perhaps many western civilizations who practice healing through 'chi' do not demonstrate or show others their abilities, other than their patients their abilities, because in their culture they are only acting out in love to heal. Not to brag to other of their abilities.

    Replacing their pride for love

    hmmmmmmmm...... :smoke:
  11. If that challenge was legitimate, and they actually wanted to PROVE it like they say rather than disprove it like their founder thinks, they would simply go to India and ask around to meet some fakirs. Not jugglers, but fakirs, they'd sort out the jugglers quickly, but when a fakir is buried alive for 6 weeks, is dug up and is in a state of rigamortus and comes back to life, good luck making that into some kind of trick, considering you could easily ensure the circumstances of that in your own testing.

    The fakirs wouldn't even take the money, instead they could simply donate it to the village/town/area to help everyone.
  12. I think you should def go for it man, I totally would if I were you. I've done some qi gong exercises after watching some videos on it on youtube and let me tell you, this stuff is REAL:D. You can literally feel it traveling between your hands and surrounding your body and it makes you feel amazing. Don't miss this opportunity!

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