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Discussion in 'General' started by Buzzwell420, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. well here rollin and frying and say we say

    we are one

    we are in paridise

    think only good

    and pray;)
  2. *Strikes the gong* ~Booonnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg....~
  3. so when I first read this,
    I was like what is this?

    now that I'm high,
    I understand it quite well.

  4. does anyone even remember me
  5. i remember that avatar....

  6. I remember you and your avatar!
  7. I was about to say! Buzzwell is back!!!
  8. Yes, I remember you.

    I didn't respond to this thread because I had no idea what it means.
  9. whats it means
  10. I r read and know that i r complete i reply and say]

    can yooh make music with gong
  11. it's are not r. two extra key strokes are not going to delay the carpal tunnel.
  12. ummmmmmmm.. Hello!!!!!! Welcome back! :) :) :)
  13. I R BABOON!!

    eh? :confused:
  14. i r'nt gun 2 get crpl tunl.
  15. dude i havent seen you on here forever, good to have ya back
  16. My buzz is getting killed tonight. Think I'll sit in this thread awhile and soak up the cool vibes..
  17. Whats up buzzwell, how ya been?
  18. i remember you

  19. I have been the best ever

    i just am love and am letting dharma play out.

    ha ok well i aint mad yogish yet but I know I am not me

    and your all god

    so make it good, actauly good

    no such thing as hell or the devil

    fear and suffering is an illusion.

    we are all one
    we are all the same

    no matter how good you are at shit ot what job you have your as just as good as me and I you.

    love everyone you see and dont steal:p

  20. buzz whats up man! i was just wondering where you went yesterday....i was sittin cruisin general and i was noticing i didnt see any posts or threads by you

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