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Discussion in 'General' started by Dfac364, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. You interpret what this thread is for, post what you think fits

  2. I smoked a bowl like a min ago, poured a drink, went over to my computer, burped, and than weed smoke came out my nose!! lol
  3. love when that happens..
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    Watching sunday morning soccer and smoking my pipe.
    Stoner Sunday rules!
    edit: just knocked my pipe over and spilled the bud...
    edit2: just noticed something in the bowl of a spoon over where i knocked my pipe over. Most of the bud from the pipe ended up in the bowl of the other spoon! Saved!
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    Tired from so much procrastination, my mind is racing, trying to find more important things to do then work. I click on my google chrome icon, with my laptop. As it is loading, I am thinking of nothing, my mind is blank. Chrome is open. I look at facebook, nothing new...I am not surprised, thinking to myself how stupid facebook is and how hypocritical of me to think so at times.

    I open a new tab, grasscity is here, it has loaded in a matter of seconds. Japanese internet is quite something....:smoke: . In the time it takes to walk up and do a dozen jumping jacks, I am on this thread.

    I am carefully choosing what words to write down. The music I am listening to is inspiring my choice of vocabulary. This is a forum, what words should I use ? What kind of sentences or subjects ? 

    I am thinking, how I havent smoked weed in almost 5 months, how the hell have I managed this ? I guess being in an environment where weed is very much against societal norms and legal norms kind of motivates my actions eh. I mean how could a poor Canadian student find some weed in this Land of the Rising Sun ? This sun is rising...right....!

    My post has no point hahahaha, I am following the general groooveeee this thread is giving out :smoke:  :metal:
  6. i just broke a roach up into the lil kief catcher in my grinder
    i love burning that gooey sticky icky roach- kief!
  7. You mean resin
    No i mean roach kief. roach weed rolled in kief.
  9. Maybe switching it around to Kief roach would be more easily understandable.
  10. So, man...Did you bring the briefcase?  We need the fuckin' briefcase, man!

    We need what is in the briefcase, it is important. :cool:
  11. fuck yeah man why else would it be in a briefcase
  12. its for cookies

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