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  1. ..but for the past year or so I haven't had anything go past a first date. It's usually a mutual lack of interest, I don't know what that says about me... How much I smoke is a turn off to most guys (an 8th to a quarter a week) I'm not willing to change that or hide it, but I don't think I should have to, it doesn't hold me back at all. I'm in school and have a good job.

    And the other thing is I feel like (this is probably me just being lame) that everyone is in long term relationships.

    I just want a stoner guy, that should be simple.

    I'm just feeling super lame tonight because I ran out of weed yesterday and can't pick up until tomorrow.
  2. Let's be stoner buddies.
  3. hope you find someone, I haven't found that person yet either and it sucks.
  4. Sounds good to me.

    I hope so for you too. It does suck.
  5. Agreed. I like smoking, and doing it with a partner is much more enjoyable. I picture my dream woman as being really cool, funny, smart, chill, and a regular smoker. Coming home and blazing with my girlfriend every day and watching some movies, or going outside and doing random shit, or whatever-- just hanging out and taking life in-- is something that just sounds real nice.
  6. giiiiiiirrrrrl.

    quit stressin:smoke:
  7. Well I'll tell you right now that girls like you are hard to come by. I wish I had a girl I could smoke blunts with on the regular. Chill girl you'll find him don't cut back to gain less. Smoke on sister :smoke:
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    Thanks guys :)

    Exactly, that would be so ideal.

    Easier if I could smoke a bowl right now, hah.

    lol, I would never consider cutting back now. I love it too much.
  9. i feel you, sometimes things just dont go your way.

    when im down i try to get my ears high and find new music ;)

  10. babe let me give the DL on stoner guys

    1) they fall asleep every chance they get
    2) they would rather buy weed than take you on a date
    3) weed>you
    4) they don't give a fuck about anything which is chill until your 3 months in

    this is a big generalization but it's fucking true to a very strong degree
  11. Good plan :) Suggestions?

    Weed>everything, so then at least we'd be on the same page. I dunno, I'm not big into dates, I don't let guys pay for me ever.

  12. well then your search shouldn't be too hard just come to LA
  13. shittt i'll smoke with u all day if u want! haha where are u from?
  14. Hah, I'm on the other side of the country.

    Lulz, sweet, but I'm from MA.

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