this isnt about pot but its something i think everyone should watch

Discussion in 'General' started by Minty Freshness, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. I have A link to watch a video thats about 9/11 very interesting i would like people to give it a chance and discuss what you think I apoligies if people find this to serious to post
    The link is

    Its a google site its free you don't have to download nothing and it'll probably start playing for you right away I find it very interesing
  2. Sorry bud, this has already been talked about and posted.
  3. dude. uf toker was tellin me about this i think. about how it was all by the government?
  4. Yaeah its about the gov just check it out think of it how you want to
  5. I couldnt sit through the whole thing to be honest but what I saw of its pretty crazy I'd never seen it befor the government is fucked up thats for sure
  6. you try and sit through the whole thing
  7. ya man, it will change you. its a must watch
  8. Haha definitely. Im almost completely convinced.
  9. Wow man, your right. It's just too hard not to believe it with all that evidence staring you in the face.

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