this is wierd as hell!!why didnt i see this before????

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by weedseed, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. i posted this pic awhile back and i use it as one of my backgrounds.well i was just looking at it a few minutes ago and saw this!!!!! i didnt add this or anything you can even check the previous thread....wierdness...

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  2. I don't see anything unusal? Its so blurry and unclear :confused:
  3. its actually pretty clear considering its a picture within his hair...which is black...its a side view of someones face,with a mustache kinda like hitlers.....look at it again and youll see it this time..i guess it could be hard to notice though, ive looked at it a hundred times and just now saw it
  4. hmm i see it but it doesnt look intentional. could be? i dont know. you are seeing it as a side view right?

    the human mind looks for faces in things so its easy to imagine it as a face.
  5. u were high when u noticed that, weren't you? :smoke:
  6. Yeah I'm high and did'nt notice anything wrong...
  7. it resembles the outline of a head..nothing, if it was a pot leaf or something it'd be a different story
  8. I've been staring at that picture for like 5 minutes and i definitely don't see a face. I guess its just how peoples minds percieve things or whatever.
  9. awesome! i saw it immediatlely after you pointed it out.. very cool!
    I usually put stuff in there on purpose, but it's great when shapes turn into something real by accident!:smoke:
  10. here, it's more obvious now

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  11. It looks like the side of a rats head to me the eye is that white thing the teeth are white and sticking out of the bottom. i see a rat face but not a head
  12. i can see it but i can tell what it is. that cuttys got dreads. its almost like looking at a fuckin cloud. seeing shapes and shit. brains are magic.
  13. i think it looks like hitler still.not a fan of him but the mustache makes it look that way..sorry it wasnt a potleaf bread, that woulda been awesome...face is cool enough to me though..especially since it was accidental and it looks pretty has a lot of definition for being a coincidence, dimple in the chin,you can see where the lips are,theres a mustache,you can see his nostrils,looks like light is shining on the cheek bone..guess it depends on how well your eye can pickup detail.i can see it better and better everytime. i just think its wierd because what are the odds that youll draw all the parts of a face where they go without knowing it?doesnt happen often

    stoned again...

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