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This is why you should never solicit or offer weed on CraigsList

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by sinsemillaplease, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. I've seen countless stupid threads and responses about buying/selling weed on CraigsList. Imo it is the epitome of stupid to engage in such behavior. The internet is faceless and mostly anonymous... you never know who you are talking to or what their intentions are. Here's proof positive of the dangers of CraigsList hookups... This poor guy was expecting to smoke and do the dirty with a young, hot blonde. He ended up in cuffs. :(
  2. i found one of my dealers on CL when i was dry and desperate as fuck and i know people who have done the same. :hello:probably just depends on the city/state

    but lol wtf, busting a dude for 3 grams? damn
  3. I've always been one to defend the work of law enforcement, but the 3 cops in this article seem to be overstepping their bounds.
  4. "Remember, if you're a cop you have to tell me, or it's entrapment"
  5. Or don't mix your drugs with prostitution. I think that was the big problem in this instance.
  6. "Remember, if you're a cop you have to tell me, or it's entrapment"

    haha imma take that as a joke but if anyone else is wondering... no they dont have to tell u theyre cops, actually entrapment is completely outta the picture nowadays...
  7. No. Entrapment is not completely out of the picture. Please don't post such misinformation. :rolleyes:

    Entrapment is the whole reason that prosecutors dropped most of the cases in the article.
  8. Thats just mean and wrong. I feel bad for that guy.
  9. It's like playing Russian Roulette. You got lucky. You could just have easily wound up having your first experience with buttsex.

  10. Perhaps you should have read the article:
  11. Whats the world coming to when you cant trade weed for sex :confused::cry:
  12. It really does depend on where you live. Here in Northern California people advertise on CL all the time. Not just for buds, but for clones, full plants, etc. It's getting to be a bit like the Netherlands here.
  13. California is pretty much the only place where this could fly all the time statewide. Lucky you. :cool:
  14. Hahaha, QFT. Craigslist hookups of any kind seem super sketchy to me.
  15. thats horrible man...when i read the article it barely even sounds like prostitution...this girl will sleep with someone IF they smoke her out. i guess its a trade but whatever. And these cops are pretty pathetic...they dont have anything better to do then create fake email addresses and pictures and post shit on craigslist just to bust some poor lonely loser for 3gs of weed?

    sick sick sick...
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    That's what prostitution is; sex in exchange for something else. If prostitution was only defined as "sex exchanged for money", we'd have a bunch of whore houses opening up all over bartering for antiques.

    The prostitution charge, however, seems real illegitimate. The only thing that guy wanted was to smoke and have sex, yet in the online conversation, you see the cops drop the line "in exchange for" when they were discussing the meeting between the man and the fake woman.

    It really raises questions about what prostitution really is. The average date between two people that ends in sex could be construed as prostitution. After all, the woman wanted food and the man wanted sex. Obviously it's much more complicated than that, but sex is rarely "free", it comes with some sort of obligation attached. Whether it be money, antiques, love, a foot massage, or a candle-light dinner, women usually need some sort of coaxing before they'll hit the sack.
  17. I agree it depends on the place. In CA, it has been pretty legit in my experience. But in other cities I've seen on the east coast, most people are getting ripped in some way.
  18. I don't really know what Craiglist because it is not that popular in Germany but it would be more inteligent to "timestamp" one photo to prove everything is legit and you don't walk in some trap or rape etc lol
  19. I think it depends on where you live in a decrimanalized state where the possesion of an ounce or 2 is a 100 fine, then whats the harm in looking at CL. they are not going to go through all the trouble to write you a civil infraction. but if its like Fl where the laws are downright Draconian, then it would be dangerous and i think the cops might try it

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