This is why you dont mess with the SAS

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  1. this is old but i thought it was pretty awesome, this is why you dont mess with the SAS

  2. Cool.

    On a semi-related note, my friend just bought one of the handguns the SAS use: a SIG Sauer P226. :confused_2:
  3. that's bad ass
  4. They're pretty nice pistols. A lot of federal agencies and a growing number of local police departments issue them as well. Another popular standard issue service pistol is the somewhat more compact P229 of identical design. I love mine, but honestly, it's just a bit too wide in the grip for a daily carry. Picked up a Springfield 1911A1 and a Ruger SP101 snubby as a backup, haven't looked back since.

    Watch the manufacturing year you get though. A lot of the older ones had issues with stress fractures in the frame rails and premature wear through the frame under the grip due to poorly designed spring placement. If memory serves, it competed back in the 80's or 90's during the US military trials for a new standard issue pistol, and performed outstandingly. Unfortunately, some deals were made for us to station some tech over in Italy in return for selecting the less than adequate Beretta as the standard sidearm for the US military. Special forces still choose their own hardware though, and many go with Sig. If you can find one with an anchor emblem on the slide and a serial number beginning with "NAV", it's the navy version.
  5. my buddy has one of those to best pistol i've ever shot has never jammed either.

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