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this is why i like pot wayyy better than alcohol

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by brooks90, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. so last night i was ridin around wit my friends n we picked up some joose
    (alcohol) nd then we went to our friends house to get throwed. after we got drunk my friend, thomas, whos house it was, his dad kicked us all out

    so the next thing i know me thomas and the girl whos car it was
    ,(idk what happened to all my other friends, apparently they all dipped n went home before cops came), anyyway i guess thomas was driving pretty throwed and crashed and all of a sudden me and him are in the back of a cop car throwning up everyyywhere
    we were fuckkkedddd up and now i have a citation for court
    and i havent even got to talk to the girl whos car it was, or my friend thomas to see what happend to them

    total bullshit right
  2. I agree, you did make stupid decisions.
  3. Hahahhhahahahhahhahahaha
  4. Its called self control. You like weed because you can go crazy and not get to fucked up, and with this same reasoning then you must dislike all things that you can have any amount but as the amount increases so does the risk. Its like saying, I like to walk instead of drive because when I walk I cant go very fast so there is no risk of crashing where in a car I can go 120mph and I might crash. Its your lack of control that makes you not like alcohol.
  5. Thats bullshit man
  6. this :hello:
  7. No it's not. He was actually quite deserving.

  8. No, it's not bullshit at all. The driver deserves every bit of trouble he's gotten into for driving under the influence, and you deserve every bit of trouble you're getting into for letting him drive under the influence as well as riding with him.

    Kind of sucks, but thats what happens when you do stupid shit.
  9. Haha thomas got kicked out of his house by his dad, and then went and crashed his car. Dude how smart is this kid? Even when im super fucked up I would know to not crash my car after I just got kicked out of my house. I bet he will have a nice talk with the parents. Hes a thinker!
  10. yeah.... alcohol must be better than pot because your mate is a absolute mong and drives under the influence of alocohol.

    (personally i also prefer cannabis)

  11. I think everyone knows that crashing their car is a bad
  12. You can't forget though, that pot really is better than alcohol.

    Lol, I feel sorry for the girl who's car yall fucked up.

    Always remember to drink in moderation, even the commercials say that lol..
  13. Every party i go to even if im drunk as hell i will go out of my way to stop somebody from driving drunk. Im a fucking nazi about that shit. But i care about all of my friends and dont want bad shit to happen. I can have 3 beers and not drive because the last thing i need is a DUI. Never drive after you drink. No matter how much lol.
  14. In a way I feel bad, because he got kicked out by his dad man. Even if I was trashed my mom would have enough sense to not put me behind the wheel. She at least knows I am safer inside... Poor choices all around FTL. Just take it as a lesson learned and now you know not to do that shit again.

  15. Good man!
  16. I was being sarcastic, I know the consequences of drinking and making stupid decisions just like most people do.
  17. ......WOW. i have never read a more FAIL story. really are you retarded? its called hoofing it or calling up a friend. sure its a pain for them but if they are a real friend they will help you out... just treat them to a g or something as a thank you.

  18. Haha Joose is a bum drink, they mix it with a 40 of Mickey's it's called a 'sidewalk slam' or a 'SF slam' depending on your region
  19. You drink too much, you could die, throw up or be arrested.
    You smoke too much, goodnight.

    It is better in all ways.
  20. #20 SaladFingers, Jun 8, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 8, 2009
    How many times in your life has anyone told you to drink and drive? Or get in a car full of drunk people?

    the root of your problems right there.

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