This is why i hate twitter.

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    So, yesterday was the second day of class for the semester. The first day for my Tuesday/Thursday classes. I decided that since I didnt have to go to a later class at 2, that I would smoke before my choir class (it's not like we were gonna do much anyway.) The VP of the choir, some compulsive-liar, childish hipster tweeted "Someone in my choir is so obviously stoned. #comeon #really?"

    Someone tweeted back, and she pretty much flat-out lied to them and said that I was "acting out, and not singing" when we didn't even sing that day! All we did was listen to announcements and to the song that we're singing (a beautiful piece by Eric Whitacre.) Honestly, I was chill, kept to myself, and only talked to the girls that I smoked with beforehand. If someone didn't see how red my eyes were, they wouldn't have known that I was high.

    This is one of the reason why I HATE social networking. It does wondrous things to a degree, but when people use it for the wrong reasons, it pisses me off. The girl who did this was the VP of my choir, and instead of acting like a VP and asking me in person to stop coming to class high, she instead childishly tweeted about it. I wonder if she realizes that I follow her on twitter?

    Edit: Also, she smokes weed too.
  2. Tweet her back. I don't quite understand Twitter so I assume it should look something like this:

    "Got high before choir...think some c^nt noticed #haha #shoveitbitch @hertwittername"
  3. be like

    yeah it was me #suckmydickhoe

    did i do it right?

  4. When I first heard about twitter I though, "what lame-ass fucking name!" Since then I've learned that it (and Facebook too) are populated mostly by lame-ass people - so the name fits. In fact, Twitter-types are the reason monkeys throw their shit at people.
  5. i have seen people facebook post a twitter tweet from their twitter to facebook without being logged onto facebook from twitter.

    #thisiswhyihatehumanity @fuckinghipsters
  6. What does the # signify?
  7. why not use eye drops?

  8. It means jail to me.

  9. For real! You must wanna get caught
  10. I got to thinking...are you even sure it was you? I said you weren't talking to anyone besides a few pals and kept a very low profile...maybe you didn't notice someone being "high" around the VP?

    That being said...I have a twitter account that I haven't used in more than two it to see what all the fuss was about...posted maybe 4 times and just abandoned it:rolleyes:
  11. this this this

    I don't get twitter either, but this would be hilarious.

    wtf are these # supposed to mean though? :confused:
  12. # is a hash tag for trending topics.

    And the VP sounds like a real bitch. Fuck her.

  13. Why should he? I mean, he's 18 years old (maybe older) and he wanted to get his high on. I don't understand why he should try so hard to hide it. :confused_2:

    And so what if someone notices he's high. It's not like you can be arrested for being high, unless you're operating a vehicle.

    And twitter fucking blows, at least on facebook it's not all about dictating our every move, unless you're an attention whore. :p
  14. We call people who use Twitter 'twatters'... :D
  15. Lol, if you use FB you are an attention whore. At least to some degree. Same goes for Twitter and all the others.
    They all fucking blow.

  16. Not if you signed up to keep in touch with family, which is why i got mine in 2006.

    I started out using it for family and have added friends to see how they were doing. I don't write statuses hoping everyone will linger on my every word. I'll do it when i think of something funny.

    Some of us really don't use facebook to make ourselves the center of the universe. :p
  17. Trust me, there's nobody who thinks having to hide being high is more stupid than I do. But unfortunately he DOES have to hide being high when he's at SCHOOL attending COLLEGE CLASSES. Because even though he can't get arrested for being high, he can still easily get drug tested and kicked out/ lose his scholarships/ etc if the VP ever decides to REALLY be a bitch.

    Eye drops are like what, 5 bucks? Is that not worth it to save all the bullshit? Seems like it.

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