This is why I hate emos

Discussion in 'General' started by xericx, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. I dunno, But that was fucking stupid.
  2. hahahahahahahahahahahaha rofl omg, etc. i can't fucking stand emo kids. i'm usually pretty accepting of everyone but i CAN'T stand people who wallow in their sorrow and look on the dark side of everything. my school, wilton high school, in wilton, ct has sooo many emo kids, they dress sketchy and smoke cigarettes and their parents who make 6 figures a piece can't buy their happiness.
  3. was anyone else fucking annoyed by the strip of hair in the middle of her face....

    i guess that doesnt matter though because birds are dying....THEY ARE DYING :p

  4. Like, yeah... like I was really distressed by the tress that was like hanging in her face. I mean, like, yeah, it made me like think of like you know how like THE BIRDS ARE DYING!

    This is a trend? There are groups of people out there who are actually like this? This is 'emo'? Whew!! I thought I was depressing when I was a kid... I was a fucking ray of sunshine compared to this girl! "The birds are dying"... give me a break! :D
  5. o_o her eyes are massive
  6. hahah i thought that too, i was like is there some distortion here??? why are here eye soooo damn big??? its kinda trippy
  7. haha this has to be fake. what a dumb bitch.

    *kills self*
  8. I would kill that bitch on the spot... she doesn't deserve to enjoy the miracle of life, bringing everyone down like that. I mean... that totally crashed my mood.


    Get a grip on reality... dumb ho.
  9. yea i hate emo kids, and emo kids and hardcore gets just dont get along, so = \

  10. That was dumb lol Being EMO is retarded plus birds die everyday like they've been doing for the past thousands of years. The point she is trying to make doesn't make sense.
  11. uh, i think shes joking... but it aint too funny.
  12. wasn't funny...i don't like emos, they suck, whyd she say like so much, and the hair in her face, and like birds are like dying, come on people, we can't let these birds keep dying!
  13. She can't be serious, but if she is... holy shit. I just find it kind of hard to believe that someone can say "like, the birds are dying!" or "can't we just get along? Life is sad enough as it is." and take themselves seriously.

    (Emo kills. Stop the killing.)

  14. Ya,I can't put it in better words.:hello:
  15. ahahahaahah i couldn't stop laughing. i really hope it's a joke.

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