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This is when I am happy with mixed bags.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Bongalong, May 14, 2010.

  1. This looks like 2-3 different strands. Very happy with this pickup.

    Any guesses?

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  2. That is amazing. I never have been that lucky.

    I don't have a guess, but if you report your finding on taste, effects etc it may help a tad. :hello:
  3. good pickup
  4. original

  5. wow, lucky motha fucker.

    how much did that cost you and whatcha get?
  6. damn, deffenatly 3 strains, where you at? iv smoked 2 of them strains jsut resently
  7. Damn thats a nice pickup!
  8. lol my last bag had super crystally buds and one small green normal looking bud so im like whatta loner and smoked it :D
  9. I got my eye on bottom right nug... mmm enjoy man.
  10. vary nice I keep a special jar that I always set aside one or two good nugs. I think at one time I had like 7 different stains.
  11. i smoked a nug that looks really similar to that purple guy in your pickup. Def one of the top 3 buds i've ever smoked.

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