this is what wizz does to you

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  1. just thought id share a funny story with you ,i was on the way to work the other morning and i called to get some petrol , as i pulled in i saw a old mate of mine stood at the side of the road looking proper fucked up , he was soaked and looked like he had been in a big fight or something he was cut and all his clothes were ripped and dirty , i told him to jump in the passenger seat and he began to tell me what the fuck had happend to him , it went something like this ..... he scored a quarter of wizz ( amphetamine ) and was supposed to be going out with a few freinds so he dropped a bomb with a bout a tenners in it , his mates let him down so he was on his own at his house and started taking more wizz , after a while he was flying and started trippin out , he thought he saw a copper out side his house and started getting paranoid , he just been in trouble with the cops so he thought he better hide what wizz he had some where so he decided to stash it in the kitchen but as he was hiding it he thought he saw a copper duck down at the window , so aty this point he started getting really paranoid , he got into his head that the coppers had surrounded his house and were going to try and catch him with the wizz , coz he thought they were out to get him coz he spat in a coppers face and said things about his familly ,when they arrested him last week .any way he was in his house and he thought he could here the police out side all whispering to each other and stuff and he thought any second now there going to bust down the door and he was going to jail .this went on for about an hour and he was sat behind his front door thinking he was listening to the police out side , he finally got pissed off when he thought he heard them laughing so he opend the door , ran out side and started screaming 'come on come and get me ' one was there ........instead of realising he was trippin he thought the coppers were playing with his head and where hiding ,then a car started up accross the road ,and he just started running , he ran and fucking ran , about 5 miles alltogether ...every car that went past he thought it was undercover police , he was hiding for ages in a field thinking the police dogs where on his trail , he hid in a stream thinking a police helicopter was above him ...when i saw him he had only just started to realise that it was all in his head he was still unsure wether there was a copper outside his house .normally this guy is pretty straight headed , just shows how fucked up phet can get you .
  2. lol thats pretty crazy to just freak out like that

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