This is what were teaching kids nowadays?`

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  1. I couldn't watch more than 10 seconds. Thats seriously fucked up.
  2. I already know exactly what video this is without even looking. And people wonder why we have have a problem with overpopulation :confused:
  3. Damn, just damn. Couldn't watch the whole video. Truly fucked up.
  4. indeed
  5. Thats fucked up i didnt watch more than 15 secs of it
  6. [​IMG]

    this guy approves
  7. So does this one

    Sorry IPF i couldnt resist with akiraichigos comments from the post pic thread fresh in my mind. haha please take no offense
  8. Fuck man I couldn't even watch more than 20 seconds, i'm surprised I made it that far.

    What the fuck is all I have to say:confused:
  9. Did anyone actually make it past 20 seconds?
  10. so i basically just watched little kids fuck with their clothes on. no furthur comment.
  11. wwwwttttfffffffffffffffff lol. this is insane. that lady must be a mondo whore, training children to be even bigger whores.
  12. I agree with all the comments to this point. Something is seriously wrong in the world. Definatly a lesson how important it is to lead by example. I blame it on the big wigs who control the music industry putting out the videos that influence kids like this.

  13. well maybe not this quote! Lol .... but i see where your coming from.
  14. I saw that on - they took it down from there for some reason.

    I'd say there's just one kind of person that can watch the whole video, and that same kind of person should be locked up. Along with the nasty skanks who taught the kids this and videotaped it.

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