This is what they feed our children?

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  1. Recently my brother got in trouble for stealing some shit. Mind you, this should not of gone to the cops because it was between family. I dont think that family should call the cops on each other.

    So he went to Juvenal court and such and now is home under "home detention". He is currently not aloud to leave the house, go on the porch, in the garage, they come check on him every few days etc.

    So I blaze obviously, and so does he. Now my parents are trying to lie to him saying the court is forcing him to go through some BULLSHIT program about his alcohol and drug problem.

    He drinks maybe 2 times a month TOPS. He chiefs a few blunts a day like his brother :). Now I see this as no problem, except his grades are horrible. If his grades were fine I'd say go smoke a kush blunt after school ya digg?

    Now he came home and told me about his experience with the "therapist". He must attend a "group" 3 times a week, and is being drug tested every week. (Yes he's been blazing on home detention)

    Now this is what really bothered me. They told him how weed is bad, and has many health effects such as memory loss, ETC. He provided her with one word;


    Now when your stoned your gonna forget shit. Your stoned! Its part of the fun as long as it is not important why not sit on the couch smoke a J and forget your worries :smoking:?

    She then goes on to tell him she has "patients" who have been smoking 20 years who cannot remember anything 5 minutes after it happens.

    Now this makes me want to slap a bitch :confused_2:.

    I don't care what she says, this is total bullshit. Obviously this "patient" has some form mental issues if this is true at all. Shes trying to tell my little brother weed makes you retarded?

    Wiki definition of retarded: Syndromic mental retardation is intellectual deficits associated with other medical and behavioral signs and symptoms.

    Non-syndromic mental retardation refers to intellectual deficits that appear without other abnormalities.

    Alright, so someone who cannont remember something 5 minutes after it occurs would fit that definition would it not? (Correct me if I'm wrong?)

    Now I was wondering what can he do to stand up to this? If its actully court ordered I know he needs to just go with the flow. The Juvenial system IS FUCKED UP. You know how long they have the average kid waiting for his court case in the DH? 3 weeks. Have you been to the DH? I'm a white kid from a white city. I remember my first time going there. A cultural shock if you will :p.

    Should I tell him to say let me see the court order stating he must attend this "Group" for his "addiction"?

    I dont know. They're feeding him bullshit lies like this and I don't like it one bit as his caring older brother :cool:

    Well time to smoke a bowl :D
  2. Just a question, before I respond. How old are you guys.
  3. tell him to stand up in therapy and speak out about marijuana. I'm sure other ppl in there kno whats up.. actually dont tell him to do that im gay good story rep
  4. i stopped reading midway i was raging too hard
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    "He chiefs a few blunts a day like his brother . Now I see this as no problem, except his grades are horrible."

    Well actually this is a problem since his grades are horrible. He also is in trouble with the law, and sounds like a narrow-minded marijuana activist.

    I do believe there is much false information about marijuana in the world, but when you have the evidence right in front of you (failing grades, law trouble, spelling errors, acceptance to short term memory loss) you have to open your eyes and accept that there IS a problem here, and your brother's constant marijuana use seems to be his way of "escaping" reality. His reality is bad grades, etc. And marijuana is the "easy" way out.

    It seems as if he is smoking more to cope with life, rather then to enjoy it.

    Not everyone is the same, and marijuana cannot be a suitable lifestyle for all people. It seems like marijuana isn't working for your brother full-time, and no matter how strongly you believe that marijuana isn't the cause of his wrongdoings, it may be time to face the truth.

    Enjoy the use, not the abuse.
  6. No, you know what? Family shouldn't be stealing from each other

  7. Fuck who cares man everyone bullshits about weed nothing new here.
  8. I thought This was going to be about food -_-
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    I agree
  10. ive said this before and ill say it again. therapist will tell you anything so you will keep coming to their expensive ass sessions as many times as they can get you to go. they will even try to trick you into thinking your problem is worse than it really is. i hate therapists.
  11. they should also be more forgivable with eachother though
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    Lmao !!!
  13. now, just because the OP is an idiot ( I am saying this with a smile) does not mean a crime is not taking place...

    I want to add that I believe marijuana would stunt the growth of a teenage brain, just like all the drugs they want you to take. Though the easy thing to say is the law should be 18, I think it should be more about maturity than anything else ( I know this is impossible to measure, so I am kind of pipe dreaming)...

    Marijuana means something to many us, and some of us activists are not in the game to say FU to the system...Jesus, we just want to smoke, try to figure shit out, and get on with our lives. I am speaking as a illegal medicinal marijuana user, so my views maybe skewed.

    OP, your brother has every right to stake a stand, and if he does, I wish him the best of luck. He would be challenging the system from the inside, and I can tell you from experience, this is almost impossible. Sure, the effort will be noble, but it will cost him more than he thinks.

    And what would he be hoping to achieve? No jail time? I mean, what the fuck could he have stolen from family that would require him to go through all of this anyway? I doubt they would do this for a couple of hundred dollars cash? Did he sell off the furniture to support his weed habit? That he, a high school kid, is smarter than some state pyschiatrist?

    The best advice you can give as an older brother is this: Get straight A's smoking blunts a day. If you love him so much, help him. Even pay for his weed. But make sure he gets straight A's. There would be no better way to say FU to the system than for your brother to get straight A's. Now, this would require hard work, less partying and an overall change to his world...But if he wants to be an activist and help, he needs to get straight A's.

    Until then, please don't push your brother into the activism role...It will just make things harder for the rest of us.

  14. :hello: Well said good sir, marijuana, like any drug should be used with an awareness of it's good and bad and the knowledge of when to stop or take a break.
  15. I think this is why we are loosing the battle in the fight for legalization. The politicians have jail cells of young kids, who might be bad seeds, that smoke marijuana, and use this to show why weed is bad...

    I still am not sure why I can't legally smoke, considering my illness is incurable and marijuana, over time, has proved to be one of the things that make my life bearable.

    Straight A.s OP...Straight A.s
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    If your brother is using cannabis heavily, drinking and making bad grades perhaps your parents may also wish to have him tested for an underlying visual/auditory processing disorder. Young people with learning disabilities often self medicate.

    There are other, much more effective therapies which can help him develop the skills he will need in later life. There are some excellent inpatient programs which may be indicated.

    this is the entire book:

    Hey, I resemble that remark :D

    No matter if its the chicken or the egg, his brother still needs to cross the road...(attempt at stoned :()
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    Yeah you should. If there is a court order then he should stop smoking. If he still wants to prove his therapist wrong, just get storm crows list.
  18. School needs to come first. Like was previously mentioned, smoking weed obviously isn't working out for your brother. I also do not support the heavy use of marijuana for people under 18. I think there has been evidence supporting the fact that because the brain is still developing in the young years, any mind altering substance abuse can be quite detrimental.
  19. i got stuck in a drug class like that when i was a teen. one of the counselors told me "now days they mix cocain in the soil and in the water when they grow marijuana. they call it perk, and teens say their 'perking out' when they smoke it." i was like wtf are u talking about lady. who feeds them this bullshit lol she also told me that weed can paralyse u for life. its all bullshit lol

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