this is what i got earlier today!

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by ITZWEEDMAN!, Jan 5, 2004.

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  1. Lets see a closer look
  2. Sure man! open your fucking eyes! =)

    your friend,

  3. b/c i just got the buds today man, i havent really had anywhere on the site to put it yet.


  4. um... lookks great....
  5. Get a life. And some weed.

    your lord and master,

  6. so this geezers a blagger then iz he?
  7. im not trying to be a dick but seeing as all this guy posts is shit and all he is doing is wasting all our time......

    i mean honestly...can someone ban him?

  8. dude...dont be doin fake shit like makes you look really stupid.

    and it kinda pisses me off
  9. if yall dont like what he posting, then just step out of the thread, instead of trying to put him down....
  10. Hey your even underage, why put on your site you bought a bong with a fake id, and why only smoke and do nothing else, you sound quite immature if you smoke because you think its \'cool\' to smoke.

    from your journal - \" 8/12/03
    I got high 37 times today. Not my all time best, but still good. My dog talked to me and I smoked him and got him high too! It was cool! \"

    Also \" How much do you usually smoke a day? Well when I first started smoking reefer I would smoke easily like a pound per day but then I started running out of money so now I only smoke maybe 2 or 3 ounces. I heard Coolio used to do the same thing too which is super cool! \"

    Ok now after looking thorugh the site it just doesnt sound real, nah its just dumb, Weed is the leading cause of mad cow deisease you say????

    Smoke for fun, not to look cool.

  11. Bwahahahahahaha! [​IMG]

  12. Exactly!

    I will say, though, that I doubt VERY seriously that anyone has smoked a pound of weed in one day. Maybe a hugeHUGE group of people but not a single person. That\'s 16 ounces and insane.

    I don\'t dig how everyone has been in this person\'s shit but deceit isn\'t something I dig either. Just be yourself without trying to impress people with stuff that they can see through. Some of us have been MaryJane lovers for a long time and know what is and isn\'t on the up and up.

    Everyone just be cool. That\'s what we stoners do best! :)
  13. i just dont like the fact that hes saying all this and misleading us. if i am upset with something im not gonna put him down im gonna talk to him, not keep it to myself, i just get angrier that way.its better to discuss it in an appropriate manner.
  14. i wanna apologize for going about expressing my opinions in such a way.

    I just cant stand to listen to his bullshit....and u mods must admit it is bull....honestly...

    Its hard to just step outta the thread and let ppl like him pollute our community is all.... im sorry
    but i still strongly feel the same way
  15. every one shut the fuck up and just have fun. No sorrys none of that crap just have fun.
  16. if yall want to talk to him, then pm him.. its better to let him know in a pm instead of public threads...

  17. 3H1T TA1K

  18. WORD

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