this is weed right?

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  1. [​IMG] 2 weeks old today, was wondering if it was growing properly, also I have watered it twice in the past 24 hours, i feel like the soil gets dry from the fan. I am still using it miracle grow, i was wondering if switching to like fox farm now would be a good thing? also, am i looking at a boy or girl yet??

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  2. way to early to tell the is marijuana..that looks like it has zinc deficiency...maybe because the ph is too low...we need a lot more info though ...on a forum you can never post too.much info ...only too what's the run off ph what's the ec level your feeding....what's that soil mix....EVERYTHING you know really ...then we can help....the new growth there already look stunted though...

    good luck and good grows keep us posted!!!

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  3. also it's still seedling so I wouldn't be giving it any nutrients just yet only water...TILL the 3rd set of leaves minus the cotyledon which doesn't count as a leaf set....

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  4. get it out of that miracle grow and i to some proper soil asap.
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  5. You better stop watering it or you're going to make it sick. If you watered it in when you planted it, no way it's developed to the point that it's used up all the water in that big old container of soil. You couldn't have picked a worse soil to start your plant out in, and you better stay away from nutes altogether for several weeks because MG grow has gotten so pathetic that they use nothing for a soil base and depend solely on chemicals to do the work. Your plant is in the process of building a root system right now and it will seem like it's not growing much at all. Actually, it's trying hard to form a root system below soil level. So...until the plant finishes getting the root system in place AND has time to use up ALL the water you gave it so far, you don't do anything to that plant. Leave it alone. ONLY when you can lift the container and it feels light as a feather, is it time for you to water. The plant won't need feed for several weeks...until it's matured enough to use up the chemicals that came in the soil. But over watering is the biggest killer of plants by new growers because these plants do not like the roots sitting in moist soil all the time. They need defined wet/dry cycles to be healthy and you have to let them actually dry out well before you put anymore water in. No way you can tell how much moisture is in that soil by feeling around the soil on top. There are inches of soil piled on each other and you know the moisture is going to fall common sense tells you there is water down there still. Resist the need to constantly be doing something to your plant. Right now it needs soil, water (and you've got that covered) and light...light being the operative world. Better lighting in this plant's life, better plant you grow and better harvest you get. It's especially important during the flower cycle to have enough wattage of good quality light for each plant you flower to get them to produce the way they should. But you'll be fine. A lot of it is just plain old common sense once you get the one or two basics down that always apply. Best of luck and happy growing. TWW
  6. I'm not a soil grower so I don't feel qualified to give grow advice but I do know that regardless of the medium used, a lot of oxygen in the root zone promotes very fast growth. It's always good to amend your soil with perlite. A comparison for you - 2 week old plants.
    2 weeks.JPG
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  7. thats bad ass, but perlite? ill purchase some asap

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