This is wanting to become a grow room

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  1. I have this old deep freezer in my basement that doesn’t work. Outside dimensions are approximately 48” wide 32” tall and 24” deep the way it is setting. I’m thinking about removing the lining except for around the door so it will seal properly. I can flip this anyway I want to get the most beneficial dimensions.

    I’m wanting to try autos.

    What’s some opinions on the best set up for this?
  2. I’m starting from scratch btw. I have a 400
    Sure does lol. From the 50s I think. Was here when I bought the house.
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    Boy, that is an old one; do you have to pedal it?
    I was going to post that I have one, that I want to replace, and the old one may be too large to remove, so...
    but, you've got me beat. Mine would, likely, be 1980.
    Is that a 'Franklin Freezer'?
  4. I’m not sure what brand it is. The emblems on it are too worn to read.
  5. I jest.
    Where I live, when I moved here 40 years ago and a cord of wood was $40, many people were heating their homes with Franklin Stoves... based on the original design.
    It has, quite likely, disappeared from this world; far more efficient designs reigned, subsequently..
    Apologies for being obtuse.

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