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this is tottally of topic but can u get stuck in a trip for ever?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. Is it possible can u get stunk in a tripp forever and like never get out cause im never tripping if so
  2. I suppose it would be possible, but I would think the dosage would be rather high. Hard to tell though because everyone reacts to substances differently. I would say that it is probably more possible the more that you do it, but I'm not 100% sure.
  3. you can have a bad trip and it can change you forever but you can never be actually tripping forever. i mean the effects of the drug have to wear off sometimes
  4. LSD's a rather potent drug (lol... now that's an understatement). i've heard of people having bad trips that lasted for months on end. a drummer for some band (i forget which) shot it up once... he's now in a mental institution for the rest of his life. the trip itself might not last forever, but the affects can. a safer way to trip if you want to try it out would be shrooms. they have a lower occurance of bad trips, and you really can't OD on them. but they is risks associated with shrooms... for one, you might get poisonous mushrooms and end up dead.

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  5. yeah, i dont know that weed could do it, total forever trip, but i was think i heard about some type of drug that actually the high is not from the chemical the drug gives off, but the chemical that the drug stimulates in your brain... so it actually just produces a totally crazy amount of this chemical. I dunno, maybe this could be what your looking for, somehow stimulation this chemical to be containtly and givin you a super life-long high.... i dunno if that what is happening, or if i just heard something wrong, has anyone else heard about this or what drug it was?...
  6. tripping forever! now there's a thought.....
  7. I knew a guy who tripped for a week on mushrooms.
  8. a week? bullshit

    he would have had to have been eating shrooms noon and night, and also in the morning thats like every meal
  9. From my own experience..........there was this guy that partied with us (smokin' , drinkin'). He was a pretty cool guy. Next thing I know everybody said he'd been doin a bunch of acid (3-6 hits like every day for three or four days) and he was totally trippin' all over town.One time I saw him standing calmly on the corner - then he jumps out in the middle of the four-way like some ninja - karate choppin' the cars. One time I seen him walkin and picked him up. He chuckled a lot to himself and told me the lights were talkin' to him. He was certifiable - only he had no relatives here, so the local five-o bought him a bus ticket to his grandmas. Ain't seen or heard from him since.

    Lesson: Take all things in life in small doses to start with. Learn what you are capable of handling. Then, Party On!
  10. i think the guy from the band you were thinking of may have been one of the original members of Pink Floyd....he is on a permant trip and has been for many years now....he's in a mental hospital...they had to let him go from the band over a period of time....a hard thing to do, but he wasn't getting any better....i watched a show about him once....however i think he took something like a whole botlle of it, instead of just one litlle tab......i tried it once and hit a bad trip.....never again!!'s impossible to escape your own mind my posters wree coming out the cube grew horns and attacked me!!....i was in a cold sweat thinking i was drinking fresh orange juice, as it's a myth that it brings you down......however most of my pals loved it ....hard to get here now....infact allmost impossible....Peace out...Sid
  11. would it be a total trip cause he is still going off the drugs, or just that he was sooo fried that he just is that fucked up mentally?
  12. he just took so much that it fried his brain up forever....well maybe he'll get better but i don't think so....Peace out...Sid
  13. i think we might be talking about something different... there's a thing you can do called a pink floyd. that's when you take a shot glass full of acid 'cause that's what the guy did in pink floyd. the guy i'm talking about put it in a needle and shot it up into his veins. i'm not sure how much he did, but it was a lot.

    i've personally never had a bad trip from LSD... had one from mixing pills i shouldn't have though. the colors went from all happy and nice, to really pissed off. they tried killing me and i freaked out. then i couldn't move and everything went all dark... very bad night.

  14. Very bad indeed! Reminds me of my first bad trip. Everything was going fine until I looked at my Incredible Hulk poster, then the fucker came out of the wall and was chasing me. Hehe, I must have run laps for an hour around the house!!
  15. Sid's right about dude from Pink Floyd. I heard that a long time ago. When my brother was in college, there was a guy on campus who was making some sheets in his dorm room and he "accidentally" consumed the liquid instead of his beverage and ended up in a mental hospital barking like a dog. He isn't still tripping though, he's just fucked.

    I've had some very long intense trips but I can't see someone getting stuck in a trip forever. Weedeater is right about a trip changing your life. I've seen that with a lot of people. Also, flashbacks are the real deal...they actually happen.
  16. Thanks for all the replies im never tripping ever now!!!!! Can weed do anyhting bad like that to u cause somethimes when i stop smoking like for a couple of weeks i feel really odd but that must be cause im also sick so idk but doesnt any one ever have this happen where u feel dizzy and distant and weird
  17. sounds to me like you just described being burnt... do you just wanna sit around all day and not move?

    and no... weed doesn't have many negative side affects... especially if used responsibly. as far as permenant mental damage and going insane (possible affects of LSD) there are none with marijuana that i know of...
  18. word up, people can be fucked up real bad because of that shit. you can have blackout any time in your life for 3 seconds or all day. people have flashbacks and blankspots and they can even lose memory.
  19. According to psychological research, those who suffer from schizophrenia can trigger the disease to the forefront by smoking pot. However, there are those who believe that pot is the causal factor. The reason for this belief is that some people who have smoked pot and have had hallucinations (diagnosed as schizophrenic) reported that they've not had hallucinations when they have stopped smoking pot for an extended period of time.

    Then you'd have to ask yourself, was it abstaining from pot that have cause the cessation in hallucinatory experience or did was the cessation brought about by the Rx meds the patient was taking, if s/he was being medicated for hallucinations.

    However, as some here have mentioned, LSD has produced irreversible cognitive damage to some people who have tried it.

    If you have a Hx of mental health issues in your family, you should be careful not to dabble in things you are not sure how they will affect you.

    Den Activist :)
  20. An extended trip is called schizophrenia

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