This is torture

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  1. lol :D
  2. I'm also gonna keep my ringer off, I don't wanna be like E from Entourage gettin' a gun pulled on me by Val Kilmer
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    How long would you say it takes a typical plant to grow from germination-harvest? I've had lots of different answers for that one. I know it depends a lot on strain, growing conditions, etc.
  4. As little as 3 months or as long as 8. It really does depend on the strain, conditions, method of growing, etc. Technically you could put them into flower right away and get some little scraggly buds in 2-2.5 months but nobody wants that :)

  5. Thanks man. This thread has gotten pretty off topic. Although there never really was a topic to begin with. It was pretty much just me complaining lol.
  6. It's helping you kill time though isn't it? ;)

  7. Yep. If nothing else it's been a good distraction haha.

  8. Yeah whatever you do don't think about a spoon full of good green topped with hash oil and kief. Damn, I did it again!


  9. The joke is on you my friend because I'm inhaling as we speak. Well not really cause it would be kind of hard to type...but you get the picture lol.
  10. Excellent :D

  11. Haha yeahh. Well I'm gonna sign off now. Goodnight and happy smoking!

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