This is the reason why i don't buy coke

Discussion in 'General' started by p_squared342000, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. $100 a gram.

    Shits expensive. Whey the hell would a pay $100 for one night of fun, when i can get a 1/2 and have weed for a couple weeks. Shit, coke's fun and all, but it's a rich man's drug. AI'll never buy it again unless i have extra extra money (tax return, lottery ticket...) how bout you guys- prices and whatnot
  2. i love coke! $100 is to much. i guess thats vermont price. i pay $50 a gram. even so , its still to exspensive. i buy a eighth for $150 at least once a week. cant smoke weed while on it, no effect. i grow my own dope, so i guess the $ equals out?
  3. atleast an 1/8 of coke a week so you spend $600-$1,000 on coke in a month?
  4. I pay $30 - $35 for ready rock or I can get 8's for $90 !
  5. I have never paid for coke but I have been told all about it from my friends. The max I would pay is 50 a gram just cause its a fun drug but it goes SOOOOO fast. I actually enjoy the drip for some reason.
  6. coke doesn't interest me, though I have to say that when I heard the price from a friend who does it on occassion, I was like "what?! Jesus christ, even dank ain't that expensive man!" and he's like "yeh, well, it's funner than dank while you're on it, but it doesn't last quite as long."

    I don't know, I don't want to get into anything like that because bud is interesting due to the insights that I gain while on it, whereas coke seems alot less spiritual from what I've read from experience reports n'whatnot on the internet as well as in books and also from what I've heard from various friends. Same reason I don't want to try opiates either.
  7. about 40-60 a gram here in socal
  8. damn, 30 a g for coke thats prolly been cut 5 times, or 50 for straight deasil around here. 130 a ball lol. Shits to expensive, but when i do have extra money, I LOVE ME SOME BLOW!, either jobs or rails lol.
  9. 100 dollars a gram? god damn homie thats almost crystal meth prices. the shit i get is 40 a gram and i can cut it so its 1/3 cut 2/3 pure and sell it for 60 n people still agree its the best they've ever had. gets an 90% yield when i cook it into crack
  10. $100 per g is quite costly. Perhaps if you look around you could find it at better prices, always a good thing.
  11. Hey, if you've got the right connection, you can get pharmaceutical cocaine for less than $50 an OUNCE! But why bother? That would just be asking for trouble... :cool:
  12. can`t belive it! so many people here are doing coke. Why fuck yourself with other drugs while we have good old Mary Jane?

  13. nope. that's what EVERYONE pays. you have to relize that i live in the middle of Vermont, which is in the middle of friggin nowhere. smetimes theres 80/gram, but thats for EVERYONE as well. there's just no way to get it cheaper, unless a friend has recently gone doown to Mass
  14. Yeah.

    I'm never doing coke....because it's too damn expensive. I don't have that kind of money to throw around anymore.
  15. GODDAMN....jesus. i never knew how lucky i was to know a shipper but jesus thats expensive. i commend you for trying something new like that, cuz id never throw that much down.
  16. ^^
  17. yeah i wouldnt mind trying coke. my friend used to be really into it like he would come to school on it every other day. he said one time he was just sittin at his desk and a gust of wind went through the window and all the desks were flying around the room and he was like trying to hang on for his life lol.
  18. Iv tried coke before, i pay 30$ a gram, Its not worth it to me, besides when you do coke you think your such hot shit when you have your lil roodeepoo ass bag that last 3 hours....Weed is better.

  19. I don't think he's in Kansas anymore, if you know what I mean...! Coke never did that for me. Where's this guy getting his coke? From the meth lab...?
  20. I am not into coke but my best friend is the only coke dealer in our town. When I occasionally do feel like blowing I get $25 g's. And this is bomb blow, none of that cut shit. Alll rocks

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