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  1. hi i am doing my first grow from random bagseed of some pretty decent stuff. i have been watering all four together the same amounts, same nutes, everything. but this one seems to be having some problems. oh i forgot to mention that this one is also a trifoliate so could it just be bad genetics? Also plants are just about week 6 in veg under cfl. Thank you any help would be greatly appreciated

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  2. It could be your ph is off have you tested the soil and water
  3. yeah i've tested it and its 6.9. i was reading alot though and if it isnt ph my best guess would be nutrient deficiency i was thinking calcium but i dont know.
  4. i did trim off the damaged parts of the fan leaves but the damage continues, luckily none of the new growth is damaged and all the branches look healthy
  5. any suggestions?
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    That pH is a bit on the high side at 6.9. Might be nute lockout. Definitely NOT genetics.
    It does look a bit like a calcium deficiency. If it doesn't clear up with a lower pH, try adding CalMag+ to boost calcium and magnesium levels. (Particularly important in coco.)

    Shoot for 6.5.

    The above assumes that you're growing in soil. You need to mention the medium. If you're in coco or hydro, you want to water with 5.8.

    pH seems to be the issue of the day. (Or is it the issue of the decade?)
  7. the soil i am working with is a custom blend containing organic coast of maine bar harbor blend, which contains peat, very old dark bark, and perlite enriched with compost and seaweed about 40%, organic mechanics premium blend potting soil containing coco fiber worm castings and compost also about 40%, 10% perlite, 10% vermiculite, two cups of EWC, 1/4 cup organic bone meal, 1/4 cup granulated kelp.

    nutes are neptune's harvest fish seaweed, earths harvest meta-k, Epsom salt for magnesium. and i just started using guano companies' super tea mix.

    i just dont know what could be wrong with her all of her sisters are growing fine.
  8. Well, first up, I'd get that pH down nearer to 6.5. Until you do that you can't be sure that it's not simply a nute lockout from high pH.

    Doesn't quite look like nute burns either, but maybe go a bit lower for a few days and as suggested, I think that CalMag is a better bet than Epsom Salts.
  9. what would be the best way to lower my ph i've heard using citric acid works or is it better to just use ph down? i'm trying to stay as organic as possible. and thanks for the heads up on the calmag shouldnt be to hard for me to find.
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    Personally, I'd use pH Down, although there are a number of organic methods. (You'd need to do a search. Try the Organic Grows section.) Many organic methods add nitrogen, though.

    CalMag+ or General Organics CaMg+, (which I use), are easy to find. If not locally, eBay is great for things like that.

    More particularly, with pH Down or any liquid pH adjuster, make your water a little lower than 6.5, say 6.2 to 6.3, to counteract the start pH of 6.9. The combination should bring you out at about 6.5 to 6.6 after a couple of applications.
    Pushing the nitrogen-based ferts will lower the pH too, but you need to be careful.
  11. thank you for your help i'm going into flower soon and i want them as healthy as can be
  12. Yeah, don't we all. Keep us posted.
  13. yea def use ph down to lower the ph.its easir to use and dial in with than anything organic or w/e.

    as for your pics the girl could sligtly be getting nute burn.what i would do is get the ph down to the low 6 area and just do a flush of all four plats to get their medium stable.usually i have my babies go through 4 weeks of veg than into flower so 6 weeks is def a while long and you should flush out all the buildup of nutes and salts.that will atleast halt your problem.for my 3 gal pots i usually flush em with a gal of water with clearex.
  14. I agree with masterlights regarding a flush. That's sort of what I meant when I said "a couple of applications" earlier. What I should have said was several heavy waterings at pH 6.2-6.3 with very light nutes added.

    Thanks, masterlights.
  15. they havent been in those pots their whole lives i transplanted them about two weeks ago but i will flush them and get ph down and calmag is there anything i am forgetting i have about a week before my stuff gets here so i can go into flower
  16. Nothing I can think of, except, as always, as much light as possible.
    (Get pH and nutes right, then light intensity is the key to success.)

    Deja Vu - Think I used that phrase yesterday.

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