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This is the nastiest animal nature video i've ever seen. (gore you are warned)

Discussion in 'General' started by Wizards, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. [ame=]Pregnant wildebeest attacked by two hyenas - YouTube[/ame]:eek:
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  2. it kinda gets taken down at about 1:30. The rest is just the animals eating the corpse lol
  3. got caught slippin' hahahhh hyenas hard as fuck goin for the unborn tho
  4. man wtf is up with hyenas? nasty little bastards.. this is the second video ive seen where a hyena starts eating a live animals asshole or pussy..

    first one was a elephant that the hyena chewed out its dead ass and the elephant farted and squirted all over the hyenas face.. shit..

    if i ever encounter a hyena im coverin my ass and backin away..
  5. hyenas ain't no joke....a totally matriarchal clan that will frequently test the limits of the wilderness' pecking order. i saw a special about how lions and heyenas SO don't get along ... and the hyena's kept trying to kill the lion cubs during the night time.
  6. yea heyenas were always a faverite of mine on ng shows

    they always seemed to be some of the more dominates

    dont fuck wit them
  7. Eventually given enough resources the hyenas will become giant and over run the earth.

    Can you imagine 6 foot high hyenas?! Terror
  8. female heyenas already have a huge 'cock' now (more accurately an organ with barbs on the end) .... i couldn't imagine a bigger variety humping the males of the group into submission.


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