This is the Most Trippy Movie Of All time

Discussion in 'General' started by CodyMac, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. The movie is called "Spun" and oh my god, is it trippy.
    It stars Brittany Murphy, John Leguizamo, and Mena Suvari, and its about some Speed heads, and the director of this movie does an Oh so amazing job of taking you inside the mind of a speed head, everytime they snort a line, you see what it is going on inside of there head, its freaking amazing how they do it too.

    Here is a review of the movie
  2. I thought it what a great movie. I've been telling people about it all week. Mickey Rourke fucking rocks in it. I agree that the directors did a good job.
  3. easy rider
  4. south park the movie
  5. ya ...easy rider

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  6. ^interesting to say the least^
  7. yeah I agree, 2001 is a trippy movie, but one of the most in my opinion would have to be Jacobs ladder
  8. I love spun..i wouldn't say its so much of a trippy film, but one hell of a brutally honest one. The directors of this film went to the University of Oregon here in Eugene, and they wrote their movie based on true stories and accounts from tweakers interviewed here locally in town... If anyone's considering experimenting with meth, I highly suggest that they watch this movie before taking the may just save your ass

  9. i was about to say somewhat of the same thing.....

    not that much of a trippy movie... but it gives you the god honest truth about being a tweeker.....

    it gives you all the reasons you need to not become a meth addict....

    " the best thing is, im not addicted.... i can stop anytime"

    as they were going to vist hhis ex. gf...
  10. If some motherfucker duct taped my eyes like that, I'd kick his fucking ass.
  11. memento is a kick ass movie,
    i also love all quentin tarantino movies (sp?). i dont know if they are considered trippy but i can't wait till kill bill comes out.

  12. ommg i just rented itt 2 dayys ago!! itts so trippy! i saww it hiigh!
  13. i just watched requim for a dream and it scared the shit out of me

    it shows you the god honest truth about heroin.

    badass movie.

    2 thumbs up!

    5 stars!

    oh ya and they have EXELENT actors and actresses.

    im am so fucked up.

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