This is the most fucked up article I've read in along time..

Discussion in 'General' started by Tdot Toker, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. this is like some inception shit dont read if fucked up wont make sense fair warning
  2. holy shit. wtf!

  3. it made perfect sense to me my friend. :confused_2:
  4. Trippy shit...

  5. youre the op
    you dont count
    course it did
    to you
    not to me
  6. I'm so confused about the story.
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    Most epic attempted suicide ever

    Or planned self murder. Whatever this is

    Edit: that kid was a fucking moron if he thought a spy typed like a drunk monkey
  8. w8 so this guy is getting attempt murder for having someone else try to kill him, the fuck?
  9. Someone needs to make a movie about this!
  10. This kid is a genius. A fucking manipulative psycho social genius.
  11. well i guess the saying goes best here...

    if you want it done right do it yourself :laughing::bongin:
  12. hella confusing. i mean i get it but someone else should have wrote that article.

  13. That or the other kid is really that dumb.
  14. This can't be real...

    Both kids are fucking stupid. What 'spy' types like that? And neither of their sentances include therapy, which they both desperately need
  15. If this kid doesn't kill himself, he's fucking going places in life.

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