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Discussion in 'General' started by Smokeitdown, Feb 14, 2009.

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    Generally speaking
  2. thank you, sir
  3. If it isn't The General of Generality, so generous with his genial gentility:confused:.

  4. :smoke:
  5. Abundances of abundant animals smoked a bundle of buds with their animal buddies.

    Oh you are very welcome sir.
  6. I want some of what you got.
  7. indeed it is
  8. Just ground up the shake from the bottom of a bag of frosty nuggets and smoked a huge keif bowl.

  9. i can only imagine how this ever seemed like a good thread to post:smoke:
  10. general speaking
  11. generals genitals ?
  12. [ame=""]YouTube - Pulp Fiction - Marvin Shot[/ame]
  13. This thread answered the question about just how stoned can one get. :smoke:
  14. Gerry gesticulated towards the gingivitis
  15. That's the point. I was soo blazed and this thread just seemed to useless and meaningless, yet perfect at the same time :D:p
  16. Don't die. You're such a beautiful little thread. It's okay that the blades here don't understand you. You're too good for that. You can do it little man!!!!

  17. i hope this contributes to saving the poor little thread.

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