This is the funniest shit I've ever heard!

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  1. I was smokin a spliff today before 5th period with my homie, and he started tellin me this story that he heard happened at Whidbey Island, which is a island near seattle. It's true.

    So there were these 4 kids about 17 and they were all kickin it in the woods on Whidbey Island trippin on shrooms. All had ate an 1/8th, a couple ate 5 grams. They were trippin out messin around when they found a troll in the woods. They started tickling it and tossing it back and forth with one another and playing with it.

    After a few hours of playing with the troll, they started walking home. When they got to one of the kid's house to all sleep over, they noticed that the troll had followed them there. Not knowing what to do with it, they stuffed it in a duffell bag and stuck it in the refrigerator. They all passed out, and in the morning they remembered the troll, but realized that there was no way that could have been a troll..troll's don't exist! So they ran upstairs, opened the fridge, opened the duffell bag, and realized that it was actaully a retarted 5 year old! Realizing what happened, they ran into town with the retarted little kid, and went to the police station. The child had been lost for a day, and had lost his mother in the woods, when the kids found him in the forest while tripping on shrooms. The kids all got $200 rewards each for returning the kid.

    I laughed sooooo hard when I heard this. It's true too everyone at my skoo was talking about it today. haha
  2. haha...i had to read this twice to fully appreciate it
  3. They stuffed a five year old in a fridge?
  4. Dam, that kid survived a night in the fridge?!
  5. Haha.. poor kid.
  6. wouldn't the lil fucker be dead after staying in someones bag in a fridge all night? lol how the hell would you get a reward for lugging a half frosted dead kid into a police station? if anything they'd be tossed in a cell
  7. Well a retarted 5 year old couldnt really tell their parent that the people that "saved" him actually made him sleep in a fridge for the night.
  8. Sounds like some sort of urban legend to me.
  9. that was funny they though a retarded 5yo was a little troll:smoke:
  10. If that's true that's fucking awesome.
  11. Something very similar happened to my Bestfriends Girlfriends Cousin...... yeah long chain. Well anyways they were all tripping on LSD and went out for a walk around 6pm down some development, and they saw a lawn gnome standing on the road. They kept walking, and turned around to see the lawn gnome again, so they picked it up and brought it home and put it in the closet and went to bed, they woke up at 3am after their trip to find they had a 10 year old boy in the closet, they payed him 500$ not to say anything to anyone, and to go home. It was the kids neighbor.... Police were looking for him all night haha.
  12. omg thats funny but i think that the fridge has an air suction on it so that he would suffocate. maybe they put him in the closet or a trunk cause you know stories get messed up and changed over time

  13. 10 years old? That's a little too old for a kid to not be noticing that he/she is being kidnapped by a bunch of dudes tripping on acid hah. Unless it was mentally handicapped, no?
  14. lmfao well at ten I'd assume someone would be logical enough to be freaked the fuck out by a bunch of nutjobs with saucer sized pupils giggling 'n talking shit about gnomes to stfu and stay put

    they pass out he's still scared senseless so he stays put they wake up realize wtf they did and its like pool the cash mother fuckers we tripped balls kidnapped some lil bastard 'n left him in our god damn closet AND he knows who we are 'n where we live

    heres the cash kid pretend this never happened 'n go eat yourself into a candy OD once your parents cool off lol
  15. funny because i've heard the exact same story before...
  16. Same, therefore I doubt it's validity.

    A funny story nevertheless.

  17. this is such a huge urban myth, ive heard this story around my town too!
  18. oh my god...

    is that a real story???? holy shit that is probably the funniest thing i have ever read. ever.
  19. haha, I'm pretty sure this is all true..even if not, it's some of the funniest shit
  20. Am I evil for laughing at this? Seriously, it's fuckin' horrible, but hilarious. Likely it's not true, but who cares?

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