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  1. So how do i check tha ppm and my nutrients and stuff? i cant seem to find a guide online i dont even know what instrument to use or what ppm stand for or anything.... can i get some help blades? :)
  2. ppm = parts per million - also known as Milligrams per Liter (mg/L)

    This is a concentration of stuff in other stuff.
    Here we tend to worry about the concentration of nutrients in water.

    If you have 5 grams of 20% Nitrogen in 4 liters of water you have

    5 X .2 / 4 = 250 mg/L of Nitrogen (or 250 ppm)

    This is most important for hydroponics as the solution is not a mix and forget type thing.
    As the solution is used the ppm can vary as the nutrients are used and make-up water is added.

    For container watering - there will be an eventual build up of "salts" (which can be nutrients, chlorine, calcium, etc) and this build up can get to toxic levels. So measuring the run-off can let you know when it is time to flush.

    That help?
  3. so if im just using soil i dont really have to worry about ppm? or just not as much??
  4. If you are growing in pots and you promise to flush once a month with 3X pot size of clean water - then you dont need a PPM meter.

    You might want a pH meter though .. as it is the most important thing you can monitor in a container grow.

    If you mix your nutrients according to the directions you should be good but having water that is too acid or base can lock those nutrients out and the plant will not be happy.

  5. okay thanks and by flushing once a month with 3x water that means just one day out of tha month give it 15 gallons of water if its in a 5 gallon bucket?? little confussed about that part lol

    thanks for all tha help so far tho :smoke:
  6. Flushing with that much water indicated above will destroy the balance in your soil. No need to flush until the end of flowering and only if you are using chemical fertilizers. Use organic fertilizers.
  7. so one person says to flush once a month and one person els says only flush b4 harvesting.... whats right??
  8. Jorge Cervantes: Marijuana Horticulture - The Indoor / Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible
    Pg 232
    "Flush containers with three times as much water volume as soil to leach out excess salts/"
    "Flush containers every month to avoid many problems"
    "Flush containers with a mild nutrient solution every month"

    I take his word for it and it works for me.

    Listen to who ever you wish....
  9. Only time you need to flush is when you are using chemical fertilizers in soil grows as they that can accumulate in your pots/containers as cause "burning" in the plants. And you should never flush with 3X your pot size regardless if you are using chemical fertilizers as you will disturb the balance in your soil and end up flushing out beneficial bacteria that feed your roots.

    My best advice to you is use natural organic fertilizers both in veg and in bloom. These will not accumulate (or burn your plants) and no flushing is required.

  10. awesome! thanks caligrower... is chemical better than organic anyway?? also say i WAS using chemical how much would be tha proper amount to use to flush instead of 3X tha amount? i thought 3 times tha amount seemed a little excessive
  11. Organic fertilizers are just as effective as chemical fertilizers. The benefit with organic fertilizers is they don't burn your plants as chemical fertilizers can. Organic fertilizers work by creating a healthy bio system in your soil. The better your soil, the better your plants will be. And they don't need to be flushed.

    There are many brands of organic fertilizers for marijuana. I would recommend the FoxFarm line. You can buy a set of both veg and bloom fertilizers either in your nearest hydroponics store or alternatively on ebay. Here's a LINK on ebay.
  12. Those fox farm nutes are organic? I did not know that. So no need to flush before harvest really? I am going for the best taste possible.

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