This is some real BS!! Help!

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  1. Hello everyone, this is just crazy! I went to the bank expecting atleast $100 in my account, but thought it'd be more like $200. I get there to find that both my savings and checkings are in negative! So I think did someone rob me? Well I checked online for all the account history and everything and there was no transactions done by anyone but me.

    The problem is, I went to the bank and deposited $200 with the teller, about a month ago! There's no goddamn records of the deposit, WTF kind of BS is this?? Did I get robbed or can I get them to realize they never gave me my money? I can't believe this happened to me! This is why I don't trust the damn banks. Help anyone? :mad::(
  2. shit that sucks

    u cant really do much. If they gave u a reciept try to find it. They might have a security tape but that is pretty much out of the question.

    As long as there are records of withdrawls and deposits, thats your only proof.

    good luck.
  3. dammn that sucks

    well know i know to make sure to keep all my stuff organized so this wont happen to me

    i'd fight that shit though btw what bank do u have? i use chase
  4. No guys I'm actually wrong, I screwed up. The money was deposited I just didn't see it. I spent so much damn money I thought it was impossible AHHHH!!!!!!! You can trust the banks, but yea always keep records and don't spend money on dumbass crap like me ARGHHH!!!

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