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This is some good shit... or is it?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by telluride toker, May 22, 2003.

  1. Hey, I read somewhere that if you let mold grow on weed it makes it more potent. I've never tried this and don't really believe it, but what do you people think? Has anyone had the guts to try it?
  2. You know, I really can't see how mold helps your weed become more potent. It's not that I'm not brave enough to smoke moldy weed- it's that I either

    A- don't have weed long enough for it to grow mold, or
    B- am not a moron.

    Whatever floats your boat!

  3. Yeah, I don't really want to try it. And, like you, I never have weed long enough.
    No, I take that back. I had a 1/4 for about 3 months one time. Me and a few friends had gotten really, really high and drunk one night. That's pretty much all I remember, but it seems that I bought a 1/4 of weed while in this state, stashed it in an obscure location, and forgotten about it. Found it 3 months later. Imagine my surprise! It was like Christmas!
  4. well in my fine time here ive seen posts, for some reason or another 'mold' has grown on the ganj. I saw do a search on the city on 'mold' and see what comes up...from what I can recall which isnt anything more than what I need in the next three minuters, i WAIT do remember reading a lot of negative responses...on the mold. ok, do the search..and just read over those sure you will find what you need! ;) otay? good luck chief!
  5. Sensi, that's gotta be the most longwinded "USE THE SEARCH" I have ever seen in my life. lol You must not be sober. I remember reading that mold is bad, too. Never had it long enough to find out. The thread could have used a poll.
  6. Typically, weed with mold on it can be smoked, but wont taste very nice. On rare occasion, the mold might grow a type of fungi which some (idiots with too much time on their hands)
    claim to increase THC potency. This rumor has been proven false. If you suffer from allergens such as mold/mildew, your lungs wont appreciate it much since not all spores can be rid of by burning them.
  7. yeah its bs. dont believe most of the shit ya hear. if it sounds stupid and false thats because it is.

  8. My buddy bought an ounce once and left it overnight to dry, the next day it became moldy. Don't ask me how I have no idea, he must have left it in a bad spot. Anyway you could see the mold on this shit, we smoked it anyway, he certainly wasn't going to throw it out. It tasted disgusting, worse than catnip, and it made us feel sick. It only made us sick for a few minutes then it was just a regular buzz.

  9. I ain't scared of no mold. I eat fungus all the time.
  10. in "Steal this Book" by Abby Hoffman, she says if you take a bag of weed and bury it for a month, then when you take it out itll be the best weed youve ever smoked.

    now mind you, this book was written by a hippie in the sixties, so i dont know how trustworthy she is :)
  11. I heard smokin mold can give you a lung infection.

  12. I wouldn't doubt it.
  13. How exactly is it going to give you a lung infection? All the mold is dead by the time you smoke it right? Its probably not a good idea, but neither is inhaling mj smoke.

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