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  1. Ok,I Have 2 computers in my house and on the other computer there is a game i have been playing,its called Morrowind(A Rpg)Basically never ending game,ok so ive spent like a year playing this game and the computer somehow got a virus and my antivirus program cant detect it to delete it..its bullshit,so i guess im forced to redo my computer completely and i guess start over or just quit playing it for good:(

  2. Go in your morrowind folder and u can backup your saves on a disk or something. Morrowind rules.
  3. ^^^

    Yeah, I don't think there's a modern game in existance that doesn't let you save your game on a disk. In fact, your game has to save it somewhere or else you'd be starting over every time you re-opened the game. So find it, and copy it to your new computer.
  4. Morrowind>oblivion:(
  5. na ma. go pick up a 360 and oblivion. it cant get a virus and now you can play on your TV!
  6. Getting high and playing morrowind is awesome.
  7. hmmm,i suppose ill just call my dad to come over to my house one of these days,(being as hes a fucking computer genuious)but yes bongzilaa,it is why u think ive been playing for a year? and no ufc oblivion is gay,it is way too easy...
  8. i just picked up fable for the pc sure it's a short easy game but it is so much fun
  9. this man knows what's up
  10. If only they didnt ruin the gameplay mechanic, have so little dialouge options, randomized loot makes it easy to find armor of gods on generic highway bandit after level 20, and the ability to beat the game on level1 opposed to 30 because if you dont focus all your skills on combat your bound to get raped worse and worse as you level up.
  11. haha dude chill out man, appreciate something for what it is instead of tearing it apart. you need to get off the computer for a while.
  12. Take out the harddrive from the computer with the virus and put it into the other computer and copy the game and save files onto the other computer then reinstall tham back onto the comptuer after you have fixed it. Also try using ewido. It's great and free:
  13. i thought the PC and 360 version were EXACTLY the same except for the mod community?

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