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  1. but heck so are most of my posts....i was wondering if anyof my stoner friends might know of a/some/? sites where one might purchase new or used ponitac parts,,,,my mans somewhat of a painting monkey its now time for the lemans. we were thinking of throwing on a new fender, or somthing before its if someone could maybe direct me to a/some useful areas it would be greatly appreciated
    peace stoners......
    p.s. be EXTRA nice to my today
    my mom makes moomy dearest look like a saint!
  2. Fenders and more should have what you need. I know they have several branch's around. I don't know about where you live but I have bought alot of stuff from them over the years. They ship all over the US. Maybe they can help you out.

  3. i think i have him tricked into the "challange" of mucho puttyo...hehe
  4. Good luck to you and him on the mucho puttyo!
  5. this involved mucho puttyo.....i know the paint scheme is kinda wierd but eh, it wasnt ours. personally i think he did a good job :p

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  6. Looks real good from here! I like the color!
  7. i liked each color too,... only maybe seperate
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  8. It would have looked better with the silver swirled in the blue!
    I had a S10 blue with a silver swirl on the doors.

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