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    when about to have sex with a woman, don't ever fall for the 'i gotta go to the bathroom real quick' excuse. all they wanna do is take out their tampon. this happened to me, i was having sex, i finished, and left to take a piss. looked in the toilet. tampon. FUCK. look at my dick, red as satan's, look at my underwear, ruined. look at my pants, ruined. fuck me, she could just tell me that she's on her period next time, i mean i can go home and whack off, she doesn't have to please me. what the fuck..

    so yup, i need new pants, anyone wanna buy me some? FML.
  2. I always figured it was for a quick pee and smell check. Maybe you should be using rubbers? That is pretty gnarly though, blech...
  3. wow ive never met the woman who would do that without warning
  4. you're telling me... fuck. i do usually but today i left my wallet at home (genius) and my rubbers in there.
  5. Speaking from experience, since I'm a chick.... when girls say 'lemme go the bathroom real quick..' it's because they truly have to pee, and sex is pretty damn uncomfortable when you have to pee.

    Especially for women seeing that G-spot stimulation makes you feel like you have to pee, which can be REALLY bad if you actually do have to pee.

    You seem to have found yourself an inconsiderate female.
  6. Well my man, your penis has just been owned by a womans menstrual fluid, rough stuff, however thats why I usually like to get it a little slippery for smooth action-packed action with my index and middle fingers, and that way I can well prevent the problem you have by looking at them. And for the girl to think she could hide it and be sneaky, Id smack her with it and let her taste her own blood. "GIRL DON'T FUCK WITH ME" haha.

    -That sucks bro.
  7. yeah, i know that. i actually had a girl run out in mid sex saying she had to pee... i guess so, im going to confront her about it ;)
  8. Yup, I've been stopped in bed because she really had to go. I've been stopped on a few occasions because she didn't know if the "tingling" was a good thing or about to be a bad thing...

    Who knows, maybe she was having a really light day and figured she could get by with a quickie.
  9. Girls pee before and after to prevent UTIs too.
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    Bwahahaha Good shit man.

    I agree completely.

    I got a funny tampon story. :D

    I used to fuck this chick I worked with, she lived like 2 blocks from my house. Well one day she calls me all drunk and wants to come over. As soon as I answer the door she jumps on me and starts kissing me. So we go directly to my room. (I carried her LOL) And I slam her on the bed, and she asks me to go get the trash can from my bathroom. This kinda confuses me and I assume she wanted to spit out her gum (She was chewing gum at the time). Well I tell her to just give me her gum and I will throw it away for her, but she insists that I go get her the trash can. So I do. Well this drunk nasty broad pulls her panties off, peals a pad off of them, then neatly balls it up , and throws it in the trashcan I am holding. I was in fuckin shock. To this day I cant believe that chick had the balls to do that RIGHT in front of me. LOL

    I know what your wondering... Did I still fuck her?

    I did.

    I have done worse. :D
  11. Maybe she thought you just really enjoyed period blood, man.

  12. hahaha, nice story man. i feel you, i have had this happen to me twice, two different girls.. shittttttt.. but if she just told me, i would have told her to suck me off, agh.
  13. Your crazy OP. My girlfriend doesn't like to have sex when she's on her period. When I'm trying to talk her into it... and she gets up to go to the bathroom I fucking rejoice.

  14. Dude a BJ never does it for me. I always wanna fuck. As long as its not like a HEAVY period I dont care. I can jump in the shower after.

    I dont LIKE it. But sometimes u gotta fight through things brother. :D
  15. fuckin bitches yo... the last time i had a party at my house this shit happened..except dam lady didn't use a was gross ok so im super fucked up and i go in and this chick super wants my dick so i was like ah forsure she tells me she's gunna "slip into something comfortable" or whatevs and then 10min later she passes out on my bed and before her vagine can go all yellowstone nat park on me.. i picked her up and dumped her outside (yea whatevs, i didn't want that bitch to bleed and puke and pretty much pass out on my bed...i was tired HAHAHA

    so anyway i am thinking fuck yea, job well done, i just saved myself...UNTIL dun dun dunnnnnn
    i go upstairs to hear my homie in my sisters room fuckin some chick, im like yea homie show her what a real man is like..after like 20min she comes running downstairs and runs outa my house i was like dam my homie vince is a fuckin BEAST. minutes later he cruises down sweaty as a mother fucker and was like yea fool i showed her the inner beast, fuck yea right? Wrong... i go upstairs to see my sis' bed drenched with that bitch's blood..i almost puked it was gnarly and fuck like dam it was a i've seen that shit before..but dam looked like she really let her inner niagra falls right out....

    ok so im hungry and gatta eat din din.. in short it was gnarly and that shit today still hasn't come off...i burned it last weekend and bought my sis brand spankin new sheets which she likes even better than the one she used to have...:)

    fuckin hate relationship standard.
  16. I mean if u think about it, its not entirely the womans fault. What if our dicks started bleeding for one week out of every month? I know a lot of motherfuckers would be walkin around with bloodstains just from jackin off. Imagine what we would make women endure. :D

    just imagine....... mwahhahaa

  17. Bwahahahahah everyone look quick!! before they remove it!!

    CLASSIC MAN!! fuckin classic..... .

    U are hilarious.
  18. hahaha not funny man i fucking loved those boxers..

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