this is so funny

Discussion in 'General' started by wDonnel, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. while i was on aim i noticed this link on top of the buddy list

    it has these scenarios and what people should do and they have the "lowdown" on marijuana.

    anyways guys i decided to quit after i saw this, you guys should to

    just kiddin, i actually smoked a bowl right after i saw this
  2. haha this shit is just stupid. im gonna convince him to flush it. haha who the hell would do that.
  3. i know what to say when the pressure is on!
  4. hahaha those clips are sooo funny. EDIT: When sombody offers you drugs, Just say no and go watch a vin desil movie...
  5. those have been posted before and its funny every time
  6. Haha, hilarious.
  7. if one of my friends suggested i flush a joint and just watch a movie i'd prolly smack em lol you know the people that make this shit have no hands-on experience whatsoever with drugs. They exaggerate so much in this propaganda
  8. I despise freevibe with every fiber of my soul...
  9. lol im hella blazed and those are hilarious....its okay my fav little cousin... lol i dont talk to my cousin like that hahaha
  10. Anyways , not that im that age any more but for 1 i would hear the car pull back up . for 2 i would have some fabreez or smoked outside. in the end been like im smoking a joint mom , calm down not like its crystal meth or herion.
  11. That was funny, but also terrible, because people will believe anything.

    In scenario 2, when they decide the take a hit the cops come and when they don't, no cops even though the "stupid stoners" were all toking.
  12. haha I watched i while smokin a bowl
  13. Haha that was hilarious. But why would a cop just show up at someones house like that. I mean no one was outside and there was no music.
  14. Those videos we're amazing. I heart anti-drug garbage.
  15. Thank You Free Vibe! Now I Don't Have To Smoke Marijuana Against My Will!
  16. I got bored and stopped watching when the mum came in... bad shit though, and they bastardise the "its been growing for millions of years" thing too. aaaaaaargh!
  17. Haha that made me laugh my ass off. Freevibe can suck my nuts, lieing sons of bitches.:mad:
  18. lmao the best part is him holdin the J and saying "what smell mom?" hahaha
  19. I've wanted to be a professional baseball player ever since I was, like, born.

    Or some shit like that, haha, that's hilarious.
  20. i don't get why they call it "freevibe" when they're trying to manipulate you into being anything BUT free. hypocritical bastards

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