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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by ElementChron, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. What the hell should i do people, my next door neighbor is smoking my skunk weed from last year right this second.
    Im on my deck right now listening to their conversation( im not being nosy im just sitting out here on my laptop :D) anyways.. my neighbor and his friends (their teenagers) are out on the deck right now smoking what i belive to be my weed(smells exacty like my skunk weed).

    My neighbor said he found it in the woods and he was telling his friends to come back harvest season . I think they know where my plants are and if they dont they will be looking for them. Im really scared people. I dont want to lose all the work ive done to a bunch of theives. They have been talking about plants and they were talking about my skunk plants , they were saying you could smell them from 10 away (you could prolly smell them from 10 feet now).
    Last year 2 of my plants got ripped out of the 4 i had, He said he got about a pound ( they were talking, im listening right this second, their still talking and smoking on their deck and the guy asked how many plants were at the spot and my neighbor said 4)
    and they were saying its not worth getting shot over) im assuming they think its my farmer thats doing the growing because he has been cutting down trees out theres too( he grows it also) im really fucking freaked out people.
    I don't know what i should do, their going to be looking for the shit. :( unfortunatly i think if they looked they could find it easy. Its pretty close to my property. »
    They were talking about coming back harvest season so im pretty freaked out. Ive seen the kid walking out their beforeI( my neighbor was also saying how after he handeled and trimmed the shit he had to leave his clothes outside because it stunk so bad. Im outside right now and they know it too.
    I heard them whispering and before even earlier they were talking about how i am a loner sitting on my deck then they all laughed.

    I dont think they know were they are now but once it starts to turn stink ( in 4 weeks things start to turn and flower) :confused: what should i do people.
    I know the best spot is right in my back yard but my wife hates the shit and said she was going to call the cops and rip em out if she finds them again :(
    My marriage is failing, Im most likely going to lose my crop to theives. What should i do gc? I cant take this shit.
    Alls i want to do is grow some plants and relax and i got all this fucking shit..
    Even if i get ripped off i still got a couple plants over at my buddys so if i do get fucked over ill still have some. Its almost like its getting to the point of not being worth it ...
    that or i have to sleep outside in a tent and guard this shit 24/ hours a day. :confused: I probably shouldnt be smoking either when im growing. The thoughts are too damn stressful, makes me sick to my stomach.
    Or i could be so super paranoid and my thoughts are playing with me and its all been in my head people, idk.
    I thought the cops took mine ( the rootball was gone too and i even saw the police in there) and now this shit is just getting fucked up. Other people grow the shit out there too so im not the only one.. :cool: what should i do gc or i could take a chance with the wife and it put it behind the corn in the garden now that she thinks she has it all eradicated.
    Or even later in the fall closer to harvest season i might do that. Bring them in. Idk, what should i do gc? Im really stumped and in a confused mood. All this stress for a plant..
  2. thats really sucks to hear bro...I think after reading it all the most obvious thing is that you need a new spot..if your neighbor has already stolen them before he WILL do it again

    move um or lose um bro..I hope the best for you man
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    OMG PEOPLE, THEY JUST WENT BEHIND THEIR FENCE AND I HEARD THEM TALKING ABOUT WEED PLANTS AND THEY WERE SAYING " CAN YOU SEE THEM " then the guy said !! OHHH like he finally realized where they are. This is so fucked up people. I cant really move them when theyre outside right now. This is so fucked people, I have like 9 plants. Not in the exact spot but all around there. They must be able to see them. Their standing around the fence acting like their throwing a ball. Now all his buddys know! Im so fucked. People cant do hard work themselves.

    or hes showing them someone elses plants wich could be true since everybody grows around here
  4. Damn that's a shitty situation.

    I would set a bunch of bear traps everywhere around it so they get the drift.
  5. Take a shotgun and shoot it off into the air where they cant see you, i'm sure they'll understand.
  6. I dont think im going to get any sleep tonight.... I just heard the word " why dont you stuff them in your pocket then" eeeek eek... :eek: im keeping watch on them.
  7. Just say something. like what the FUCK are you doing stealing my plants. It cant hurt i mean its yours and do you have a card? If they take it just call the cops for theft

  8. No card unfortunately. Im keeping an eye on them. Im going to move them tonight once there done partyng and shit ( this could be a very long night)..
    Ill just have to get a bat and fuck them up if i see them near my crop or if theyre gone in the morning ill be talking to him. I could be paranoid but usually when i sense things im right.
  9. Why don't you just tell them to get the fuck away from your plants?!
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