This is simply amazing - Snowflakes

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by SenorDingDong, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Check this out and the pictures of one of natures greatest displays of art. . .absolutely incredible

  2. Those are stunning! It's amazing to think that something so perfectly geometrical exists without being man-made. Does anyone know exactly WHY snowflakes are always symetrical and hexagonal?
  3. i too have that question about the symmetry and definitely structured pologony of the flakies. anyone know?
  4. beautiful, nature is such an amazing thing.

    i would have to say they are the same way due to the atomic structure. because the atoms are polygonal they grow to be polygonal. im no scientist but thats my thoughts.
  5. After moving from Wisconsin to Alabama I don't have to worry about snow anymore. :hello: They're kinda cool to look at.......

    But I'm done now and I'm going to go read other threads.
  6. You guys need to read up on Phi (golden ratio)

    not shocking once you do the calculations beautiful as hell but there is a science to it all

    rep for the find dude

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