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  1. How can the government advocate pumping cancer patients bodies full of toxic radioactive chemicals, yet refuse to allow the consumption of a plant that grows in the earth?

    I'm watching a teacher of mine (ROTC instructor) fight cancer, and I want so bad to just break off a piece of my herb to ease his nausia. I can see it in his eyes when he's trying to teach class, I can hear it in his voice. Its sickening.

    Its time something be done. As I udnerstand, a medical board (of doctors with phd's) reccomended massachusetts legalize cannabis for medicinal purposed in early february. It was shot down by politicians who probably have no idea how cancer works.

    Three of my grandparents died from cancer. Cancer really sucks. But its a part of our existance right now. Instead of making patients glow green, why cant they smoke green?

    What the hell is it going to take? Someone please explain this to me? Who is it that knows whats good for us? Doctors who have used knowledge they have built up for thousands of years of human development, or scumbag politicians who crave material and wealth?
  2. I completely agree with you that something must be done. My mom had breast cancer, and she under went chemo theorapy and radiation. My oldest sister recommended that she smoke marijuana to relieve her pain of the treatments. Although my mom only did it one time, if I knew anything about marijuana at the time (I thought it was a bad drug that caused damage, and I told her she was stupid to do it for that :( ) I would have helped her out with it, because she said it burned her throat real bad, and supported her.

    What I plan on doing, is getting posterboards (big enough for people to see, small enough to be posted at stop signs, etc) and drawing a big green marijuana leaf, with big letters over it that say "Freedom". That is just a real simple idea just to sort of "get the word out". I'm also going to make flyers with the truth about marijuana, and what good it has as a herbal medicene. has some nice flyers for print out. I say we get many people all over the country to do similar things.
  3. Hook him up dude...

    You may end up becoming a true friend to him when he's locked into being this or that durining all this shit

    If anything a toke and a bit of chilling with you may allow him to make peace with other things in his life

    Weed I know what you mean mine died when I was under 5 of the very same thing and I curse this fucking governemnt every day for denying her the right to toke and be with us instead of being laid up too sick to move near the end
  4. good way to put it ... i like that quote

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