This is REALLY cool [video]

Discussion in 'General' started by whitewarrior, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Notice how everyones face / hand is blurry? Looks like they are drawing on a plastic clear sheet.. or window infront of the camera which maybe reflects light like glow ink.
  2. u can actually draw on the video frame by frame on video editing programs

    i made a lightsaber video for school
  3. that's a sick video.

  4. Thats exactly right...I did a lightsaber one too...editing those takes HOURS, which makes me think that the commercial using that stop motion, neon coloring style right now (sprint?) mustve taken weeks to complete.
  5. Well all I know is that its badass, wish I could be apart of something like that..
  6. I think they did the beat with the sound of a ping pong paddle hitting a ping pong ball.

  7. Its either that or theres an instrument that i remember from music class that is related to the morocco (ironically, playing in the beat, too) that is a wooden block and a stick...makes the same noise, could be that.

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