This is REALLY as important as it ever can be.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Slick21, Jun 23, 2017.

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  1. :smoking-rapper:sad shit!
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  2. I'm for nuclear electricity generation but putting plants on fault lines shows lack of imagination.
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  3. I think it shows plenty of imagination.
  4. What? It just says sailors are suing for being exposed to radiation. Nothing about the Ocean dying lol.

    I think you just need a bit of tin foil, it might help !
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  5. Again, nothing about "the ocean dying", just an article on the affects Fukushima had on fish, it even states the levels are not harmful to humans. Time to get those hats....Those sources are laughable at best just so you know.

    "The planet is being destroyed" When Is t not being destroyed?? Wait I thought it was the ocean? Did you guys even read that crap? Gullible news for the fearful :laughing:

    Don't miss their other articles too !

    "Anon reveals alien life"

    "Bieber is actually Bigfoot"

    "Smokin weed gives you super powers"
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  6. *lights up a joint*
    I don't give a shit.
    *watches porn*
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  7. Mmmm...mutations. I can't wait to try two tailed halibut.
  8. Sounds like a great spot to have a grow, hey, it works for cockroaches
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  9. I get the feeling, even tho` Time Mag, covers it, that no one seems to care cos` it ain`t been on the Fox/CNN news networks.

    Bookmark this thread if you wish.

    This is much worse than cheap jokes. Enjoy your off the Geiger scale fish, it can`t be reversed.

    I`ll just chill for a few years on this.......

    If someone with vision wants to re-visit this, I`m ok with that.

    Have a great day. x
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  10. I does give a sushi roll or a nice piece of sashimi a good extra zing.
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  11. The damage is done. I do not believe that man even remotely has the ability to "fix" the climate, the oceans, etc. That's God's job. He created the earth and has the ability to handle any problems concerning his creation. Of course, climate change is real. It's been occurring since the beginning of time. But if you honestly believe that the great America can change what happens to it, you're just fooling yourself. It also doesn't matter what happens here when the other industrialized nations are pumping out pollution and have no intent or desire to stop. Let's get real about it. The only thing the Chinese think about is progress. They're a little slow and are doing now what we did decades ago. And finally...since every human being on the face of the earth exhales CO2, it's absolutely ridiculous to me that so many people blame CO2 on changes going on in nature. The Fukashima thing is horrible. And Japan is only going to sweep everything under the rug.....damn the world, to do what they want to do. If there ever could be a remote difference made, it would require world-wide cooperation and we know that's never going to happen.

    Put your trust in God my friend. Not in the earth. You'll just be incredibly let down in the end. TWW
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  12. Could you please tell me the last World Leader to pull out of a climate/pollution agreement?

    It was only last week.

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  13. Yeah most of them just agree at the table and then fail to meet the decided upon goals.

    Also if you think Fukushima released enough radiation to "kill the Pacific Ocean" you need more scientific literacy.
  14. Why are you so concerned about Fukushima, when the Chernobyl incident released more than 1000 times the radiation in April 1986, and has had virtually no effect on the earth.
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